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In life, we have to choose between the jeans and the cookie jar. Liz Hurley chose the jeans and I chose the cookie jar

~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Voice 2 - Hello Tony Vincent....I'm officially Team Cee Lo... :-)

When Season 2 of The Voice started, I was quickly prompted by a certain somebody in my life to pick a team to root for.

You see, last season, unknowingly (since we weren't really on good terms at the time), we both supported the same artist....Dia Frampton. She of course was on Blake Shelton's team. So, this year, seeming to like a few hopefuls on that team, that certain somebody declared he's Team Blake. I told him the ones I liked went to Cee Lo. There were TWO. One is Jamie Lono and the other one is this beautiful man.....

Tony Vincent!

Of course, I was totally biased towards him as he's a Broadway singer (I love stage musicals!), he sang a Queen song (my siblings and I love Queen and Freddie Mercury) and he totally looks like a rock star! True, his voice is a bit on the thin side and not as manly as some of the contenders but at the end of the day, he has the package. What criteria do I want from a contender? Must be someone who has what it takes to make me want to buy that ticket and stand in line to see him perform. This man has that worthy factor. Oh, he's also tall and thin like my musical hero Mr. Chris DeGarmo (formerly of Queensryche) which further explains the "biased" bit.

We Are The Champions

However, I wasn't so quick declaring myself a Team Cee Loo. At that point I hadn't really watched many other contenders and I wanted to see who else was worthy rooting for. I wanted to make my choice after the Battle Rounds.

I was sad to find out that Tony got paired up with Justin Hopkins (who has a great raspy manly voice). It meant one of them had to go.

This battle was placed last of the last. I think the producers knew these two would close the battle round spectacularly.

They obviously have tremendous respect for each other, performing more like a duet than a battle that night. I wish they harmonized at the "Oh...oh....oh....oh...." though with Tony doing the higher notes. That would make the performance even more spectacular. It's sad to think that one of these two had to go. I wish they were not paired up so they both would still stay till at least the Live shows. So unfair :-(

Yes, I finally sealed it. My final pick for The Voice 2. Didn't I say he's tall and thin like Chris DeGarmo? I "heart" that :-)

 Lord Voldemort came to LA and grew a nose!

As for that "certain somebody", all those he picked got booted out. Sorry dear :-)