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In life, we have to choose between the jeans and the cookie jar. Liz Hurley chose the jeans and I chose the cookie jar

~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm hooked on GIFs and Glitters

A colleague of mine really influenced me into these.

It's quite recent as I wasn't that bothered about those GIFs and Glitter images people send in the emails before.

Then, this colleague asked me to find some for him to add to his collection. Suddenly, I was transferred to another world. It's amazing what creative people put out there.

Today, I found this one I really like. It's the Jonas Brothers GIF.

I like how the creator changed the pictures little by little and moved the writing at the back.

I hope to come up with something like this soon.

Beating the Murphy's Law

Ok. Things have not been going great for me since yesterday. It's the Murphy's Law! Things start going bad one after another.

1. My Division was audited on our Environmental Quality Control System by the guy I myself audited on Wednesday. Haha. I think he took the chance to get back at me for 'grilling' his division's control. Oh, he really did get me. I accepted it with an open mind. Ok. So, now we're even!

2. My car stalled at a busy traffic light on the way home. I had a colleague with me in the car. Usually I would drive her home when she needs transport on the occasional stay-back-at-work days.

It was embarrassing! I turned on the emergency light. Steadily rested my right foot on the accelerator and after some feel-like-ages minutes, I managed to drive the car to a compound of a Chinese praying house next to the traffic light. I had to call my father and my colleague called her hubby. We joked about it while waiting.

3. I came home to log in on my eBay account to bid on the Tokio Hotel CDs I wanted.


Man! These boys are hot cakes or what? I was defeated badly in every bid even to the last seconds. Huaaah! :-(

I guess I have to resort to the "Buy Now" listing. The only sure-fire way to get the things you want.

4. I got stung by a bee this morning! In my own bedroom.

I know this sounds weird but animals have the knack of turning my parents' house into their homes. We have at least 9 cats (all strays). Sometimes frogs 'visit' our outdoor shower.

I have bees living in my bedroom. I don't know where they actually put up their home but they're in there all the time. They don't come out as a swarm. Instead, they appear as 1 individual at a time........on my floor, on my desk.

This morning I thought I saw a dead one on my floor and tried to pick it up. It was alive! I got stung and the bee died. The worst thing is it stung me on my right index finger....... my most used finger.

Why I think I kinda beat the Murphy's Law?

1. Two more colleagues told me they are open to accepting Mr.B into the other section that needs manpower.

2. While waiting at the Chinese praying house, a few friendly Chinese guys helped out checking my car. 1 guy actually had the same car model. Another guy was a mechanic. They said my car was OK. Just the engine oil level dropped a a bit and the brake oil needs topping up. The car had difficulty probably due to 'contact point' wear and tear. My brother drove the car home without a hitch last night.

3. So, I didn't get the Tokio Hotel CDs last night but I did win my bidding for a Helloween expanded album Walls of Jericho. Then the guy whose Tokio Hotel's US version Scream CD I successfully bidded sent a message saying my CD had been shipped out yesterday. Yeah!

Helloween (post-Kai)

The Helloween boys back in 1989. I was too young for any of them back then.
Ingo (♥♥my sweetheart♥♥), the gorgeous drummer in the sunglasses sadly died in 1995.

Now, I'm hoping to bid for another Helloween CD Chameleon. Bought it twice on cassette years ago and it's time to upgrade. If I fail again, I'll just resort to buying it straight away.

Hope things go well today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "Tunggul" in my path

Things didn’t really go according to plan when it comes to Mr. B.

Thinking that I finally had a point to release Mr. B from my section after the ‘threat to hit’ incident, I persuaded my Management to highlight the matter to our HR.

Things looked promising at first with our department management making a thorough inquiry from the concerned girl Ms. F witnessed by me as her section head. I have also compiled his attendance record, work performance and account of misconduct to support my plea. Our management also had a face-to-face talk with Mr.B on Friday which quickly turned into a shouting match because Mr.B is not the type who can take criticism.

Well, hope is just that.


Nobody says that hope will necessarily turn into reality.

The HR, as always, was hardly ever helpful. Instead, the story somehow turned against us implying we might have provoked Mr.B.

I just feel that Mr. B would be better off in another section which currently needs an extra helping hand. The guy who handles the other section is more than willing to accept Mr.B as he needs someone to help him entering Data and compiling reports at the office since he’s always out having meetings and discussion at the Suppliers’ premises or Customers’.

Our management wouldn’t let me release Mr.B from my section to avoid more confrontation since Mr.B already filed a lawsuit against the company. They don’t want to be added to the list of people who shall be summoned to court.

I’m not scared of the Court if ever Mr.B tries to pull me into the battle. It’s normal for us to transfer and exchange members among each other’s sections because we believe that good manpower control is about matching people to the jobs where they can be at their most productive.

All I’m asking is a suitable person who can give commitment to my section’s requirements and it is essential for me to have the person now to replace Ms.Z when she goes on maternity leave in several months time.

In the Malay language, there is a word “tunggul” meaning a “dead tree stump”.

“Tunggul” is also an idiomatic expression for an “obstruction in your path”.

So, right now, I would say that Mr.B is a HUGE “tunggul” in my already narrow path.

A “tunggul” will not move itself. You have to dig it out and move it yourself. Otherwise, you shall have to plan your path around the “tunggul”. If you lose your cool and try to kick the “tunggul” out of the path, it’s your foot that hurts and the “tunggul” will still be there.

Sounds just like Mr.B to me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim, victory, Malaysia's future and the small people

Tonight is definitely Malaysia's ruling National Coalition Party's worst nightmare as the man they brought down, ousted from the office and went hellbent to wipe off the country's political arena is back in full vengeance.

The charismatic Anwar Ibrahim won the election of his former Parliamentary seat in Permatang Pauh. The result was expected.

Wow, I can't describe how the politicians rallied against him, determined not to let him gain power in any way.

Some of the mega embarrassing things the desperate politicians tried to spin for us the people here.

1. Taking advantage of this country's conservative Muslim majority society, the desperate politicians accused Anwar of sodomizing his former aide (talked about this one before in this post and this post) in the hope of tarnishing his image and sending him to jail once again (anal sex is illegal in this country and punishable by law). Strangely, if you are the one reporting the sex act to the police, then you are considered the victim and will not be punishable. Haha! That's what one of the desperate ministers said anyway.

2. Suddenly reducing the Petrol price by MYR0.15 per litre before the election. Wow! After months of telling us the people the government couldn't afford to do so, the fear towards 1 political enemy suddenly enable them to. Magic huh?

Malaysia oh Malaysia....!


Since this country is going to celebrate its Independence Day on 31st August, I think I need to tell the world the plight of the little people of the country.

Last Friday, after work, I stopped by the Mahkota Parade shopping mall and was greeted by this banner as I approaced the building.

Mahkota Parade Traders

It says : "We want justice...! What is our fate after this....! Don't push us to the sideline and why are we being stomped upon!! What's the meaning of development if small traders like us are treated second rate....!!"
Happy celebrating the 51st Independence Day and blessing to the coming month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

Mahkota Parade Traders in glowing night lights

The glowing lights decorating the vibrant night views here in Melaka Zone A shopping spot. Just like glowing candles in the night. Beautiful but behind it all, there are people struggling to make ends meet.

I didn't ask the traders what kind of oppression they were facing. However, knowing how things work in this country, I'm sure that these people are being forced to pay escalating rent price for the tiny space at the side of the shopping mall. Add to that the location is sitting on a hot spot literally. It faces the afternoon scorching Sun!

If only the politicians stop and really look into the plight of the people instead, then we would not be subject to the world's ridicule in this theatre of political mega drama that can put even Hollywood to shame.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What kind of man would hit a girl?

This is getting too far.

Mr. B (read here about him) caused a ruckus this morning with one of the girls (let's call her Ms. F) in our Section during our daily morning office cleaning session.

I was in the Main Office at the time the incident happened. Suddenly, one of my subordinates Ms. Z who's 3 months pregnant came into the office with a worried face and one hand scratching her head. She called me, looking shaken. For a moment, I thought her pregnancy had caused her problems.

Then, she asked for my help. I was puzzled. My puzzlement turned into shock as she told me what happened.

Today, the Top Management team had been scheduled to be doing their monthly factory rounding and everybody was cleaning up all the dust, taking out the trash, rearranging files and equipment to make an impression. This is normal practice for us here except for Mr. B who refused to help.

Ms. F asked another colleague Ms. Z to ask Mr. B to help out. Mr. B overheard her and lashed out at the poor Ms. F claiming her as being rude for 'sarcastically' telling him what to do. Ms. F answered back saying "At least I'm not the type who say things behind people's back, unlike you".

Oopss..........myspace layout images

With that, the burly Mr. B lunged himself at Ms. F threatening to hit her causing Ms. Z to scream catching the attention of the girls from our neighbouring department.

Mr. B stopped in his track and Ms. F was shaken over the incident. She left the room and hid herself away in the radiation inspection room where she does her work everyday.

I couldn't find Mr. B who disappeared and I arrived at the radiation room to find Ms. F shivering as she recalled everything to us.

Then, a colleague saw Mr.B appear again and he went straight to our Manager. I wonder what was HIS version of the story.

Let me tell you about Ms. F. She's a young fresh grad computer diploma holder who's one of the softest-spoken persons I've ever met. I even complained to her that she speaks too soft. She works hard despite being underpaid by the company. She never complains when she has to continue Mr.B's unfinished work on the days when he doesn't turn up for work. She always accepts the burden with laughter and helps correcting the mistakes he has made. Add to that, due to a little mishap when she was a baby, Ms.F even walks with a little limp.

Now, THIS is the girl Mr.B wants to beat up? myspace graphic comments

This is just too much for me. This is unfair for my other subordinates. I really have to speak up this time.

Wish us all luck........

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's 20082008 today!

Was alerted by my colleague that today is 20.08.2008 or 20082008 when she sent me these......

Years come and go...

But today is a Special Day..

~ 20082008 ~

Double Match

It happens only once in a lifetime ..

I wish yO
u a very Wonderful Day!

Today is special for this someone definitely.
Caught the Beijing 2008 Olympics on TV and saw this amazing performance by this young man from a war-torn country Afghanistan.

Rohullah Nikpai (aged 20) won a Bronze medal which is the first medal for his country.
This is special because despite the lack of resources and facilities, this young man has proved to us that sheer passion, faith and pride can bring you far.

This is Rohullah (left) practising with his brother in front of their humble home in Kabul, Afghanistan

Rohullah beat World Champion Juan Antonio Ramos from Spain in a spectacular match that kept the crowds in awe. Both men cried afterwards for opposite reasons and it certainly was an Olympic moment that will forever be etched in my mind.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Old days advertising and no electricity

It's middle of August and I've noticed how unproductive I've been when it comes to posting this month. With a good reason too as I'm learning some basic HTML and CSS codes to practise on another site.

Sometimes, the mood strikes but unforeseen circumstances interrupt. It was just last week on Wednesday. I was happily typing away on my keyboard when suddenly everything plunged into total pitch black. Power breakout in the middle of blogging. Oh great. Just great. Our whole village seemed frozen in the darkness as people struggled to find those spare candles in the back of the kitchen cupboard and those spare rechargeable lights on the top shelves.

The whole scene reminded me how, according to my mother, that in 1974 (which is the year I was born), there was still no electricity in our village.

My first photo in colours

This is me and my brother in our first colour photo. I was probably 6 months old. We lived without electricity then.

I wonder whether we were the first children in the village to have our photos in glorious technicolour. The name of the photography studio had been embossed at the bottom left side of the photo. Yes, that's what we call advertisement on those days. Anyone who looks at the photo will know that it was taken and processed by "Happy Studio".

The world has progressed a long way since then. Now we have digital imaging, archiving, databases etc. Yet, I find it amusing that even in its digital existence, a little embossing surpasses high technology simply by remaining to be a lifetime advertisement for a place called "Happy Studio" and a piece of history called My Life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

PC Fair August 2008 and what I found this time

Went to the PC Fair at Mahkota Parade, Melaka for its August 2008 stop. It was in the capital city of KL the previous week.

Ok. I didn't have much 'dosh' with me this time and I went there not sure what I really wanted to get. Should I replace my MP3 FM Modulator with a new one? The one I have was bought about 2 PC Fairs ago. It works fine but I lost the display on its tiny LCD on day two I bought it.

My money allowed me to buy a 4Gb Pendrive. I know that's small by today's standard. I just wanted something bigger than my current 1Gb Pendrive I'm using to play MP3s in my car with my FM Modulator.

Burger CD Cover 2

CD Cases shaped like burgers. How cute!

Then I saw these and they were such bargains at MYR10 for 2pcs (about USD3). Normally they sell at MYR15.90 a pc.

Burger CD Cases

Look! They're cheeseburgers.

Bought them totally for the burger looks because they don't hold that many CDs despite the 'fat' appearance. I was thinking of turning them into pillows for afternoon nap or something.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Am I an asshole magnet?

Ok. I can't take it anymore. I've been keeping this for weeks and weeks and I've got to let it out somewhere. When I started this blog, I wanted to vent out my anger and frustration over my situation yet at the same time try to console myself. There’s a reason I wanted the word “sweet” in the blog’s name.

I’ve been trying to keep myself positive and happy and sweet by writing about my favourite things. Music that I love, lovely food, pretty men, my artwork, my family, the people I care about, humour and love.

I’ve been trying to apply that Law of Attraction thingy into my life so the universe will somehow adjust itself in my favour. Yet, day after day, I can’t run away from what’s staring me in the face all along.

"Am I an asshole magnet?"

When my colleague resigned (the one I started this blog about), I asked for a replacement manpower from my management. I wanted a young fresh grad whom I can guide and nurture. As always, the management gave all sorts of excuses about cutting costs and forced upon me a “reject” from another department.

Look, I’d had “rejects” in the past and most of the time, they were not that hopeless at all, just misunderstood. I’d always been very accommodating as I believe that everybody has an untapped potential and I give fair treatment to all my subordinates. In fact, with guidance and empathy, my section has a track record of successfully turning nobodies into somebodies. However, this person in particular just pushes me to the edge.

Let’s just call him Mr. B from now on.

On the day he was sent to me:

  • 1. He lambasted the HR Manager for “tricking” him into the transfer process.

  • 2. He boasted how he was trusted by the Japanese management and our Customers when he was in one of his old departments and he refused to report directly to his immediate Superior for this reason.

  • 3. He claimed to be IT illiterate but an expert machine technician who could dismantle an Auto-Insert machine and put it back together again.

  • 4. He boldly declared he would not commit to OT (overtime) at all and that his highest OT frequency was once in 6 months.

  • 5. He said that I would have to accept the fact that he’d often have half-Fridays or half-Mondays due to his wife being in wedding business and him serving as her voluntary manpower.

  • 6. He told me that he is untouchable even by the Managing Director because he’d been given a special deal where the company can’t penalize him for his Asthma Medical Leaves which he blames on his stint in the Paint Spray department.

  • 7. He claimed that Asthma attacks would always get him at least 2 days Medical Leaves and it means I can never make him commit to finishing any assignment on time or any at all.

  • 8. He’s so dissatisfied with his transfer that he already filed a lawsuit against this company and the lawyer is his close relative. He’s fighting for compensation for his Asthma (permanent disability to him) and lifetime allowance of MYR2K (if I heard that right) per month.

  • 9. Lastly, the crème de la crème, he asked me to act like he didn’t exist.

What he failed to realize however:

  • 1. Every department he’s in, he’s always on the top list of "the people the management wants to kick out”.

  • 2. Not reporting to your immediate Superior is the rudest thing for a subordinate to do in my book. It’s unethical, disrespectful and shows how unprofessional and childish you are.

  • 3. IT illiterate? What a lie! He thinks I never saw him with a PC in his old department before and I’ve seen the “digital” paperwork he did in that department too. He’s got an active official email address from our IS department as well which I know he uses well because he used to send junk mails to me.

  • 4. He is a smoker! Asthma? Let me say this again, he is a smoker!

Oh my dear God, the worst thing is this is not a character from a Hollywood script. This guy is real and he really makes the Joker from Batman look like a joke……….one big joke!

Monday, August 4, 2008

MTV Asia 2008 - my verdict

Frankly, I watched MTV Asia this time without very high expectation. In the past, the Asian version of the show had only been a reflection of how the world saw us.

It's hard to ignore the fact that the world still sees Asia as a 3rd world market full of industry-wannabes. The biggest names in the industry hardly ever made it to this region.

Knowing the bureaucracy of this country didn’t help either. I just thought why should it be any different this time?

However, I think overall, the show did have improvements compared to its original Asian inception a few years ago. We were still given 3rd rate treatment though (very few performance slots for us).

What I'm thankful for:

1. The presenters spoke like normal people. Thanks Heaven! Before, they had been reduced to puppet and clown level with stupid "jokes" which were scripted by people who obviously thought that Asians couldn't speak English.

2. What's MTV Awards without hook-ups by different artists? I'm fully satisfied with the hook-up segments this time which had been fully Asians. Singapore's Electrico and Stephanie Sun's medley was electrifying although she went off-key a few times. Then, the mega collaboration of Project E.A.R. combining Malaysia's Pop Shuvit and their friends from the Asian region Thaitanium, Saint Loco, Slapshock, Silksounds and Ahli Fiqir in a multi-lingual headbanging, screamo yet melodic (we're Asians after all) extravaganza despite the cramped 2nd stage. It was clear that the boys worked their asses off to make it happen and they put 110% into the performance. Result? Not just the highlight of the night, it’s one of the best MTV Awards performances ever. Not just Asian but internationally.

3. The international artists took effort to incorporate Malaysian/Asian elements into their performance.

The Click Five Joey Zehr MTV AA 2008.........The Click Five n Kompang troup MTV AA 2008
The Click Five, who had been to this country a few times before, infused their song with the Malaysian traditional percussion instrument the "kompang" which I can best describe as a lighter version of the Celtic 'bodhran'. The difference is we play it by hitting its goat skin surface directly with the palm of our hand.

4. The Pussycat Dolls actually had clothes on. Surprise! Surprise!

PCD performing MTV AA 2008

What I'm glad they got rid off:
1. The notion that we can't speak English

2. The idea that Asians are karaoke singers’ level. I can’t forget that cringe-inducing duet between Thailand's Tata Young and Brit's ex-Blue member Lee Ryan for the song............a karaoke staple...........Endless Love. Yuck! What the hell did the folks at MTV think we were?

What I have to live by:
1. That big names won't come here. The international music artists who came were the new ones who mainly have 1 or 2 albums to their names. Let's see. Panic at the Disco, The Click Five, Leona Lewis, OneRepublic, Pussycat Dolls and not to forget Jared Leto himself.

What the International stars have to live by:


1. The podium and microphone will always be designed to suit Asian bodies in our award shows.....he...he.... Sorry. You will have to hunch down your 6-foot statures for us.

What I'm surprised and disappointed by:
1. No Japanese! Why were the Japanese artists excluded totally? The Japanese is Asia's most influential force in the music industry with their artists breaking language and cultural barriers all over the world and they were not there? This is so wrong :-(
2. Neither were the lively Indian stars there.

What I think ALL singers should have done:
1. Learn from Leona Lewis on how to sing live. That girl's singing is phenomenal. Perfect like a CD.

What I think the event organizer should have done:
1. Fillers...! They must learn this lesson from Hollywood. Notice how the Oscars always have the seats full when the camera pans over the audience? No, not because the stars have super bladders. That's because when the stars leave their seats to relieve themselves or go backstage, a special group of volunteers called "fillers" would be filling in. It wasn't a pretty sight to see the stars' empty seats in the front rows when the camera panned over them.

What I think I should have done:
1. Auditioned for the Mosh Pit crowd. 'nuff said. Bladders? Pampers, here I come :-)

2. Left for Genting Highland anyway and prayed that I'd bump into Jared Leto..........ah....dream.

3. Should I meet Jared, I'd trick him into riding that super-slow "caterpillar" ride at the Genting Theme Park. It's that yellow "train" in this picture.

The last time a friend of mine took that ride, he went "missing" for what seemed like 1 whole hour. It’s THAT slow. I’d love to get stuck in that stupid ride with Jared *:-)*

Who do I think should have sponsored the event:

1. Mastercard. Why?

Chicosci and PCD MTV AA 2008

The look on the boys of the Filipino band Chicosci after they hugged the Pussycat Dolls...........PRICELESS.

Jared Leto really doesn't look his age!

Many years ago, when I as still a student in the UK, I got to know a TV series My So Called Life starring the teenage Claire Danes and this beautiful guy Jared Leto.

Jared was here in Malaysia presenting the MTV Asia Awards 2008 which was held here for the first time after its previous run in Singapore and Thailand mostly.

Actually I wanted to go and was eyeing the possibility of auditioning for the "Mosh Pit crowd". However, what stopped me in my track was the following requirement:

Must be able to hold your bladders!

Hey, that's crazy!

Anyway, I did watch it on MTV channel on Saturday.

What mesmerized me about Jared was the fact that he looks at least 10 years younger. His skin clear and wrinkle free. His hair shiny. His piercing blue eyes glowing. It's like time never moves a hand on him since My So Called Life.

Jared looking not a day over 25!
Can you believe this guy is approaching 40?

It's great that this guy is one of the very few current darlings in rock music who is actually older than me whereas many rockers today are barely out of their teens. He's 37 and I'm 34. But looking at these pictures, he certainly doesn't look a day older than 25.

As a guy who's into environmental issues and living well and healthily, Jared is the epitome of what we can be if we live clean living. He's a vegetarian if I'm not mistaken and I think it shows its benefits judging from these photos.

Ok. Now I think I'd hold my bladders for him....... :-)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Batman and the Dates from Hell

Talking about Batman, I would like to share with everyone a book I bought more than a decade ago called Dates From Hell by Maryon Tysoe (published in 1994 by Headline Book Publishing) which is basically a collection of her readers and her friends/family's accounts of horror dating stories.

Ever since I became a working woman, my attention span has got shorter and shorter everyday. My love for reading is still intact though. Thus, this book is perfect for me.

The following is a story from it which has "Batman" as an unwelcomed character. This is not my story. I didn't write this. My intention is to share an example of how hilarious this book is.

Let's read the story..............

"Nigel was tall, thin and my boss - and not to my personal taste. But when he asked me out to see the newly released Batman I didn't hesitate to accept. After all, a cinema date, if not conducted in the back row, could hardly be a romantic minefield.

He turned up at my flat promptly. When we were alone, he announced that he had a surprise for me but first needed to use the loo. He was in there about 10 minutes, during which I heard a lot of mysterious fumbling noises and started worrying about that.

Finally Nigel called from the bathroom for me to switch off all the lights and turn to face the window. After assuring me it would be harmless, I duly followed. When he told me to turn round, I saw.......


Nigel stood in the doorway, the only light coming from the street lamp outside. He raised his wings and there he was, fully kitted in a replica of Batman's suit complete with black rubber mask and pointy ears and underwear outside his tights.

He swooped towards me but I was too busy laughing. I jumped out of the way and he almost fell out of the window. When he recovered his composure, he informed me that we were going to the cinema in a hired 'Batmobile'. And no, he would not be changing out of his outfit.

With that, we motored toward the city centre, me with my eyes tightly shut, dying of embarrassment. He drove slowly in an open-topped old black Cadillac adorned with a gigantic Bat motif, acknowledging the very excited pedestrians who surrounded us at every traffic light stop.

We parked 10 minutes' walk from the cinema. I trailed as far behind Nigel as I could while he swooped along the pavement, stopping people and buses in their tracks.

When we took our seats in the cinema, practically the entire audience applauded him. I sank lower and lower into my seat. When the film started, he knew every damn line Batman spoke - and joined in with him, much to the annoyance of everyone within earshot. Apparently Nigel had seen the film 10 times, and it had only been out there 3 weeks!

When we eventually got home, he kissed my cheek and his rubber mask stuck sweatily to my skin. I went to bed shellshocked, grateful at least that The Shining had not been his favourite movie."

While the above story isn't mine, the following picture however is mine.

I drew this inspired by the story above. The colours were painted in using Microsoft Paint. Hope you like it :-)

Date in Batmobil in colours

Dating in a Batmobil!
(Note* Kaulitz twins are here ....wink...wink.....)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Batman The Dark Knight and the return to what makes a movie good

Went to watch the new Batman movie today with my brother.

Posters from The Dark Knight website by Warner Bros.

Highly anticipating this one when Heath Ledger was cast in it and sadly he would never see it and how brilliant his performance had been in it.

I am thankful that Hollywood has gone back to putting good stories with good scripts and character development in movies. Now they know that movie-goers are NOT a bunch of clueless lot with sawdust where their brains should be.

I am still reeling from that awful 4th installment of Batman more than a decade ago. That was when Hollywood were hell-bent on getting the biggest stars into their vehicles and characters were "developed" with profits from merchandising in mind. They were more interested in how Alicia Silverstone's butt would look like onscreen rather than putting real meaning and depth into her Batgirl character. Also, to me, it wasn't that George Clooney couldn't carry the Batman character but rather he was let down by a bad bad script. The producers were more interested in making the special effects and CGI the stars instead.

Posters from The Dark Knight website by Warner Bros.

With this one, what we get are a strong plot, story-telling build-up layered in timely twists and turns, a glimpse into and understanding of how the main characters became what they are and of course brilliant acting from a stellar cast most notably Heath Ledger. Aaron Eckhart proves to be a league of his own especially in the second half of the movie where his character starts to fall to the vulnerability of basic human instincts. Reminds me of Smallville where Lex Luger said to Clark Kent that "Turning evil is a journey" and in the Dark Knight, it is a journey well told. Also, you can't go wrong with Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman in the team.

My brother called that the ugliest motorbike he'd ever seen.

Oh..........with Christian Bale, a Brit, and Heath Ledger, an Aussie, in the leads, I see another continuing trend in Hollywood movies now where non-American actors and actresses are the ones chosen to lead the show.

As the movie that serves as Heath Ledger's swansong, the Dark Knight does it with great pride and dignity.