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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "Tunggul" in my path

Things didn’t really go according to plan when it comes to Mr. B.

Thinking that I finally had a point to release Mr. B from my section after the ‘threat to hit’ incident, I persuaded my Management to highlight the matter to our HR.

Things looked promising at first with our department management making a thorough inquiry from the concerned girl Ms. F witnessed by me as her section head. I have also compiled his attendance record, work performance and account of misconduct to support my plea. Our management also had a face-to-face talk with Mr.B on Friday which quickly turned into a shouting match because Mr.B is not the type who can take criticism.

Well, hope is just that.


Nobody says that hope will necessarily turn into reality.

The HR, as always, was hardly ever helpful. Instead, the story somehow turned against us implying we might have provoked Mr.B.

I just feel that Mr. B would be better off in another section which currently needs an extra helping hand. The guy who handles the other section is more than willing to accept Mr.B as he needs someone to help him entering Data and compiling reports at the office since he’s always out having meetings and discussion at the Suppliers’ premises or Customers’.

Our management wouldn’t let me release Mr.B from my section to avoid more confrontation since Mr.B already filed a lawsuit against the company. They don’t want to be added to the list of people who shall be summoned to court.

I’m not scared of the Court if ever Mr.B tries to pull me into the battle. It’s normal for us to transfer and exchange members among each other’s sections because we believe that good manpower control is about matching people to the jobs where they can be at their most productive.

All I’m asking is a suitable person who can give commitment to my section’s requirements and it is essential for me to have the person now to replace Ms.Z when she goes on maternity leave in several months time.

In the Malay language, there is a word “tunggul” meaning a “dead tree stump”.

“Tunggul” is also an idiomatic expression for an “obstruction in your path”.

So, right now, I would say that Mr.B is a HUGE “tunggul” in my already narrow path.

A “tunggul” will not move itself. You have to dig it out and move it yourself. Otherwise, you shall have to plan your path around the “tunggul”. If you lose your cool and try to kick the “tunggul” out of the path, it’s your foot that hurts and the “tunggul” will still be there.

Sounds just like Mr.B to me.


  1. Mr. B sounds like a big pain, I'm sorry to hear that.

    I want to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! Go check it out!

  2. Of course you may display that award on your blog. Just post it and mention 5 other people that you would like to give the award to on your blog.

    I'm glad that I made your day a little bit better.