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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim, victory, Malaysia's future and the small people

Tonight is definitely Malaysia's ruling National Coalition Party's worst nightmare as the man they brought down, ousted from the office and went hellbent to wipe off the country's political arena is back in full vengeance.

The charismatic Anwar Ibrahim won the election of his former Parliamentary seat in Permatang Pauh. The result was expected.

Wow, I can't describe how the politicians rallied against him, determined not to let him gain power in any way.

Some of the mega embarrassing things the desperate politicians tried to spin for us the people here.

1. Taking advantage of this country's conservative Muslim majority society, the desperate politicians accused Anwar of sodomizing his former aide (talked about this one before in this post and this post) in the hope of tarnishing his image and sending him to jail once again (anal sex is illegal in this country and punishable by law). Strangely, if you are the one reporting the sex act to the police, then you are considered the victim and will not be punishable. Haha! That's what one of the desperate ministers said anyway.

2. Suddenly reducing the Petrol price by MYR0.15 per litre before the election. Wow! After months of telling us the people the government couldn't afford to do so, the fear towards 1 political enemy suddenly enable them to. Magic huh?

Malaysia oh Malaysia....!


Since this country is going to celebrate its Independence Day on 31st August, I think I need to tell the world the plight of the little people of the country.

Last Friday, after work, I stopped by the Mahkota Parade shopping mall and was greeted by this banner as I approaced the building.

Mahkota Parade Traders

It says : "We want justice...! What is our fate after this....! Don't push us to the sideline and why are we being stomped upon!! What's the meaning of development if small traders like us are treated second rate....!!"
Happy celebrating the 51st Independence Day and blessing to the coming month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

Mahkota Parade Traders in glowing night lights

The glowing lights decorating the vibrant night views here in Melaka Zone A shopping spot. Just like glowing candles in the night. Beautiful but behind it all, there are people struggling to make ends meet.

I didn't ask the traders what kind of oppression they were facing. However, knowing how things work in this country, I'm sure that these people are being forced to pay escalating rent price for the tiny space at the side of the shopping mall. Add to that the location is sitting on a hot spot literally. It faces the afternoon scorching Sun!

If only the politicians stop and really look into the plight of the people instead, then we would not be subject to the world's ridicule in this theatre of political mega drama that can put even Hollywood to shame.

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