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Monday, August 4, 2008

MTV Asia 2008 - my verdict

Frankly, I watched MTV Asia this time without very high expectation. In the past, the Asian version of the show had only been a reflection of how the world saw us.

It's hard to ignore the fact that the world still sees Asia as a 3rd world market full of industry-wannabes. The biggest names in the industry hardly ever made it to this region.

Knowing the bureaucracy of this country didn’t help either. I just thought why should it be any different this time?

However, I think overall, the show did have improvements compared to its original Asian inception a few years ago. We were still given 3rd rate treatment though (very few performance slots for us).

What I'm thankful for:

1. The presenters spoke like normal people. Thanks Heaven! Before, they had been reduced to puppet and clown level with stupid "jokes" which were scripted by people who obviously thought that Asians couldn't speak English.

2. What's MTV Awards without hook-ups by different artists? I'm fully satisfied with the hook-up segments this time which had been fully Asians. Singapore's Electrico and Stephanie Sun's medley was electrifying although she went off-key a few times. Then, the mega collaboration of Project E.A.R. combining Malaysia's Pop Shuvit and their friends from the Asian region Thaitanium, Saint Loco, Slapshock, Silksounds and Ahli Fiqir in a multi-lingual headbanging, screamo yet melodic (we're Asians after all) extravaganza despite the cramped 2nd stage. It was clear that the boys worked their asses off to make it happen and they put 110% into the performance. Result? Not just the highlight of the night, it’s one of the best MTV Awards performances ever. Not just Asian but internationally.

3. The international artists took effort to incorporate Malaysian/Asian elements into their performance.

The Click Five Joey Zehr MTV AA 2008.........The Click Five n Kompang troup MTV AA 2008
The Click Five, who had been to this country a few times before, infused their song with the Malaysian traditional percussion instrument the "kompang" which I can best describe as a lighter version of the Celtic 'bodhran'. The difference is we play it by hitting its goat skin surface directly with the palm of our hand.

4. The Pussycat Dolls actually had clothes on. Surprise! Surprise!

PCD performing MTV AA 2008

What I'm glad they got rid off:
1. The notion that we can't speak English

2. The idea that Asians are karaoke singers’ level. I can’t forget that cringe-inducing duet between Thailand's Tata Young and Brit's ex-Blue member Lee Ryan for the song............a karaoke staple...........Endless Love. Yuck! What the hell did the folks at MTV think we were?

What I have to live by:
1. That big names won't come here. The international music artists who came were the new ones who mainly have 1 or 2 albums to their names. Let's see. Panic at the Disco, The Click Five, Leona Lewis, OneRepublic, Pussycat Dolls and not to forget Jared Leto himself.

What the International stars have to live by:


1. The podium and microphone will always be designed to suit Asian bodies in our award shows.....he...he.... Sorry. You will have to hunch down your 6-foot statures for us.

What I'm surprised and disappointed by:
1. No Japanese! Why were the Japanese artists excluded totally? The Japanese is Asia's most influential force in the music industry with their artists breaking language and cultural barriers all over the world and they were not there? This is so wrong :-(
2. Neither were the lively Indian stars there.

What I think ALL singers should have done:
1. Learn from Leona Lewis on how to sing live. That girl's singing is phenomenal. Perfect like a CD.

What I think the event organizer should have done:
1. Fillers...! They must learn this lesson from Hollywood. Notice how the Oscars always have the seats full when the camera pans over the audience? No, not because the stars have super bladders. That's because when the stars leave their seats to relieve themselves or go backstage, a special group of volunteers called "fillers" would be filling in. It wasn't a pretty sight to see the stars' empty seats in the front rows when the camera panned over them.

What I think I should have done:
1. Auditioned for the Mosh Pit crowd. 'nuff said. Bladders? Pampers, here I come :-)

2. Left for Genting Highland anyway and prayed that I'd bump into Jared Leto..........ah....dream.

3. Should I meet Jared, I'd trick him into riding that super-slow "caterpillar" ride at the Genting Theme Park. It's that yellow "train" in this picture.

The last time a friend of mine took that ride, he went "missing" for what seemed like 1 whole hour. It’s THAT slow. I’d love to get stuck in that stupid ride with Jared *:-)*

Who do I think should have sponsored the event:

1. Mastercard. Why?

Chicosci and PCD MTV AA 2008

The look on the boys of the Filipino band Chicosci after they hugged the Pussycat Dolls...........PRICELESS.

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  1. edyjktkI love love love this entry of yours. Totally felt the same way. But I'd settle for One Republic and Leona. They grrrreat. The cats can purr all night and I don't give a damn. Yawned at Nicole stealing the spotlight as always - she's admittedly pretty though.And kudos to The Click Five with the kompang. Brilliant marketing. And I'm glad supercool Muse won!