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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beating the Murphy's Law

Ok. Things have not been going great for me since yesterday. It's the Murphy's Law! Things start going bad one after another.

1. My Division was audited on our Environmental Quality Control System by the guy I myself audited on Wednesday. Haha. I think he took the chance to get back at me for 'grilling' his division's control. Oh, he really did get me. I accepted it with an open mind. Ok. So, now we're even!

2. My car stalled at a busy traffic light on the way home. I had a colleague with me in the car. Usually I would drive her home when she needs transport on the occasional stay-back-at-work days.

It was embarrassing! I turned on the emergency light. Steadily rested my right foot on the accelerator and after some feel-like-ages minutes, I managed to drive the car to a compound of a Chinese praying house next to the traffic light. I had to call my father and my colleague called her hubby. We joked about it while waiting.

3. I came home to log in on my eBay account to bid on the Tokio Hotel CDs I wanted.


Man! These boys are hot cakes or what? I was defeated badly in every bid even to the last seconds. Huaaah! :-(

I guess I have to resort to the "Buy Now" listing. The only sure-fire way to get the things you want.

4. I got stung by a bee this morning! In my own bedroom.

I know this sounds weird but animals have the knack of turning my parents' house into their homes. We have at least 9 cats (all strays). Sometimes frogs 'visit' our outdoor shower.

I have bees living in my bedroom. I don't know where they actually put up their home but they're in there all the time. They don't come out as a swarm. Instead, they appear as 1 individual at a time........on my floor, on my desk.

This morning I thought I saw a dead one on my floor and tried to pick it up. It was alive! I got stung and the bee died. The worst thing is it stung me on my right index finger....... my most used finger.

Why I think I kinda beat the Murphy's Law?

1. Two more colleagues told me they are open to accepting Mr.B into the other section that needs manpower.

2. While waiting at the Chinese praying house, a few friendly Chinese guys helped out checking my car. 1 guy actually had the same car model. Another guy was a mechanic. They said my car was OK. Just the engine oil level dropped a a bit and the brake oil needs topping up. The car had difficulty probably due to 'contact point' wear and tear. My brother drove the car home without a hitch last night.

3. So, I didn't get the Tokio Hotel CDs last night but I did win my bidding for a Helloween expanded album Walls of Jericho. Then the guy whose Tokio Hotel's US version Scream CD I successfully bidded sent a message saying my CD had been shipped out yesterday. Yeah!

Helloween (post-Kai)

The Helloween boys back in 1989. I was too young for any of them back then.
Ingo (♥♥my sweetheart♥♥), the gorgeous drummer in the sunglasses sadly died in 1995.

Now, I'm hoping to bid for another Helloween CD Chameleon. Bought it twice on cassette years ago and it's time to upgrade. If I fail again, I'll just resort to buying it straight away.

Hope things go well today.

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