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Monday, August 18, 2008

Old days advertising and no electricity

It's middle of August and I've noticed how unproductive I've been when it comes to posting this month. With a good reason too as I'm learning some basic HTML and CSS codes to practise on another site.

Sometimes, the mood strikes but unforeseen circumstances interrupt. It was just last week on Wednesday. I was happily typing away on my keyboard when suddenly everything plunged into total pitch black. Power breakout in the middle of blogging. Oh great. Just great. Our whole village seemed frozen in the darkness as people struggled to find those spare candles in the back of the kitchen cupboard and those spare rechargeable lights on the top shelves.

The whole scene reminded me how, according to my mother, that in 1974 (which is the year I was born), there was still no electricity in our village.

My first photo in colours

This is me and my brother in our first colour photo. I was probably 6 months old. We lived without electricity then.

I wonder whether we were the first children in the village to have our photos in glorious technicolour. The name of the photography studio had been embossed at the bottom left side of the photo. Yes, that's what we call advertisement on those days. Anyone who looks at the photo will know that it was taken and processed by "Happy Studio".

The world has progressed a long way since then. Now we have digital imaging, archiving, databases etc. Yet, I find it amusing that even in its digital existence, a little embossing surpasses high technology simply by remaining to be a lifetime advertisement for a place called "Happy Studio" and a piece of history called My Life.

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