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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Am I an asshole magnet?

Ok. I can't take it anymore. I've been keeping this for weeks and weeks and I've got to let it out somewhere. When I started this blog, I wanted to vent out my anger and frustration over my situation yet at the same time try to console myself. There’s a reason I wanted the word “sweet” in the blog’s name.

I’ve been trying to keep myself positive and happy and sweet by writing about my favourite things. Music that I love, lovely food, pretty men, my artwork, my family, the people I care about, humour and love.

I’ve been trying to apply that Law of Attraction thingy into my life so the universe will somehow adjust itself in my favour. Yet, day after day, I can’t run away from what’s staring me in the face all along.

"Am I an asshole magnet?"

When my colleague resigned (the one I started this blog about), I asked for a replacement manpower from my management. I wanted a young fresh grad whom I can guide and nurture. As always, the management gave all sorts of excuses about cutting costs and forced upon me a “reject” from another department.

Look, I’d had “rejects” in the past and most of the time, they were not that hopeless at all, just misunderstood. I’d always been very accommodating as I believe that everybody has an untapped potential and I give fair treatment to all my subordinates. In fact, with guidance and empathy, my section has a track record of successfully turning nobodies into somebodies. However, this person in particular just pushes me to the edge.

Let’s just call him Mr. B from now on.

On the day he was sent to me:

  • 1. He lambasted the HR Manager for “tricking” him into the transfer process.

  • 2. He boasted how he was trusted by the Japanese management and our Customers when he was in one of his old departments and he refused to report directly to his immediate Superior for this reason.

  • 3. He claimed to be IT illiterate but an expert machine technician who could dismantle an Auto-Insert machine and put it back together again.

  • 4. He boldly declared he would not commit to OT (overtime) at all and that his highest OT frequency was once in 6 months.

  • 5. He said that I would have to accept the fact that he’d often have half-Fridays or half-Mondays due to his wife being in wedding business and him serving as her voluntary manpower.

  • 6. He told me that he is untouchable even by the Managing Director because he’d been given a special deal where the company can’t penalize him for his Asthma Medical Leaves which he blames on his stint in the Paint Spray department.

  • 7. He claimed that Asthma attacks would always get him at least 2 days Medical Leaves and it means I can never make him commit to finishing any assignment on time or any at all.

  • 8. He’s so dissatisfied with his transfer that he already filed a lawsuit against this company and the lawyer is his close relative. He’s fighting for compensation for his Asthma (permanent disability to him) and lifetime allowance of MYR2K (if I heard that right) per month.

  • 9. Lastly, the crème de la crème, he asked me to act like he didn’t exist.

What he failed to realize however:

  • 1. Every department he’s in, he’s always on the top list of "the people the management wants to kick out”.

  • 2. Not reporting to your immediate Superior is the rudest thing for a subordinate to do in my book. It’s unethical, disrespectful and shows how unprofessional and childish you are.

  • 3. IT illiterate? What a lie! He thinks I never saw him with a PC in his old department before and I’ve seen the “digital” paperwork he did in that department too. He’s got an active official email address from our IS department as well which I know he uses well because he used to send junk mails to me.

  • 4. He is a smoker! Asthma? Let me say this again, he is a smoker!

Oh my dear God, the worst thing is this is not a character from a Hollywood script. This guy is real and he really makes the Joker from Batman look like a joke……….one big joke!

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  1. Can you just talk to the HR and get rid of him? I don't understand how some people behave this way and expect everyone else to just put up with it! They are selfish and total jerk!