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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What kind of man would hit a girl?

This is getting too far.

Mr. B (read here about him) caused a ruckus this morning with one of the girls (let's call her Ms. F) in our Section during our daily morning office cleaning session.

I was in the Main Office at the time the incident happened. Suddenly, one of my subordinates Ms. Z who's 3 months pregnant came into the office with a worried face and one hand scratching her head. She called me, looking shaken. For a moment, I thought her pregnancy had caused her problems.

Then, she asked for my help. I was puzzled. My puzzlement turned into shock as she told me what happened.

Today, the Top Management team had been scheduled to be doing their monthly factory rounding and everybody was cleaning up all the dust, taking out the trash, rearranging files and equipment to make an impression. This is normal practice for us here except for Mr. B who refused to help.

Ms. F asked another colleague Ms. Z to ask Mr. B to help out. Mr. B overheard her and lashed out at the poor Ms. F claiming her as being rude for 'sarcastically' telling him what to do. Ms. F answered back saying "At least I'm not the type who say things behind people's back, unlike you".

Oopss..........myspace layout images

With that, the burly Mr. B lunged himself at Ms. F threatening to hit her causing Ms. Z to scream catching the attention of the girls from our neighbouring department.

Mr. B stopped in his track and Ms. F was shaken over the incident. She left the room and hid herself away in the radiation inspection room where she does her work everyday.

I couldn't find Mr. B who disappeared and I arrived at the radiation room to find Ms. F shivering as she recalled everything to us.

Then, a colleague saw Mr.B appear again and he went straight to our Manager. I wonder what was HIS version of the story.

Let me tell you about Ms. F. She's a young fresh grad computer diploma holder who's one of the softest-spoken persons I've ever met. I even complained to her that she speaks too soft. She works hard despite being underpaid by the company. She never complains when she has to continue Mr.B's unfinished work on the days when he doesn't turn up for work. She always accepts the burden with laughter and helps correcting the mistakes he has made. Add to that, due to a little mishap when she was a baby, Ms.F even walks with a little limp.

Now, THIS is the girl Mr.B wants to beat up? myspace graphic comments

This is just too much for me. This is unfair for my other subordinates. I really have to speak up this time.

Wish us all luck........

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