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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Dishonesty becomes the Policy

Got a feedback on my previous post about the dual-bands.

Rather than sexuality, it really is about dishonesty and how it hurts
innocent people.

The post was inspired by a dear friend of mine who shares his thoughts,
laughter, fear and tears with me everyday. About how he has been
manipulated sometimes by dishonest people he meets online and offline.

In fact, my blog is partly my way of showing him that there is sincerity
and beauty out there if he really wants to see it. That happiness does
not necessarily need to be sexual and it's ok not to have someone to
cuddle you to sleep at night.

Also, I'm frustrated with the way some people in my country Malaysia
take advantage of the conservative society here and use sexuality to
destroy anyone whom they see as threat to their positions.

It's the most convenient way. Currently, a leading figure in the
Opposition is facing another sodomy accusation to stifle his comeback
into Malaysia's political arena. A few years back, certain quarters
tried to accuse a rising politician who is also an unmarried intelligent
lady lawyer of being a lesbian just because they were jealous that she
was personally picked by the then Prime Minister to be in the cabinet
and lead a Top Post in the party's women's wing. She got to the top for
her impressive resume and not dirty political game.

Though I never intended for my blog to be a political vent, sometimes I
can't help speaking out when I see innocent souls getting hurt by

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