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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Loaf boutique bakery at KL Pavillion and the Melon Bread

I was super excited when I made the trip to the capital city last weekend.

My friend took me to KL Pavillion for a spot of window shopping when I spotted THIS sign.....

The Loaf KL Pavillion

Hey, that's the bakery owned by Malaysia's former PM. Gotta check it out.

I was super excited when I found the bun I'd been yearning to eat since I watched Yakitate anime.

The Melon Pan or the Melon Bread!

Melon Buns, Almond Gallette, Swirly Curry Puff

I bought TWO Melon Buns. The one with the Almond is called Gallette and I think it has bits of dried Apricot too. The Swirly Curry Puff isn't from the Loaf but from a stall nearby monorail station.

Melon Bread in a pair from The Loaf

I love the taste. This is what Melon Bread should be. I think there's a hint of lemon in the crusty cookie dough top. Downside is, the buns are TINY. Half the size of buns at other bakeries but double the price.

Melon Bread from The Loaf

Just look at that BEAUTIFUL bun again glistening under the light.

Japanese Melon Bread

These uglies are how mine turned out to look like the first time I made the bun.

Hey, I still haven't got the recipe right. When I do, someday, I'll post it here and tell the world about it.

Till then, I can ogle at these pictures :-)

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