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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Kenko Fish day!

My friend brought me to a Fish Spa during my trip to the capital city.

The spa is the first of its kind here and they happened to have a promotion going. A 30-minute Fish Theraphy session for MYR28 instead of the usual MYR38.

Being the discount junkies and freeloaders that we are, we grabbed this opportunity.

Fish theraphy is basically like this. You dip your feet into the water and the fish will come and nibble on your dead skin leaving you with smooth feet afterwards.

These little darlings had been featured in an episode of Ugly Betty where Whillemina had to do it to get it on with Danny's dad because apparently he has a foot fetish. Yikes!

Yes, it tickled so much and most of the customers giggled non-stop but I just looove the feeling of my feet after it was all over. I wish I could have these fish on my own and do it everyday. My feet have callusses at certain areas from moving and stepping on my manual-drive car pedals everyday.

Oh. The staff were very friendly too and they'll take your pictures and ask you to "autograph" it for display. I felt like a celebrity...ha...ha.

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