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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Flaming Hibiscus

Fell in love with this Flaming Hibiscus two weeks ago when I saw it at the night market. It was selling for a whopping MYR25 which was quite pricey for a plant from a mobile nursery. The last time I got a hibiscus, it only cost me MYR6.

Hibiscus Orange n Flame

I do not in any way know the real name of this species but I;m happy to call it The Flaming Hibiscus because of the vibrant orangey sunburst colours.

I failed to get this flower the week after that as they were sold out apparently.

Went again the following week and spotted one which actually had been already booked by another buyer but I managed to talk the seller into selling it to me with a discount of MYR1.

Wait a minute.........what? MYR1 only? A buck? Well, better than nothing.

Hibiscus Orange n Flame closeup

See the sunburst colours. Photo unretouched.

It's a joy for me to see new flower blooming from it every morning even though it's only been at our home since last week and the plant is still quite small.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations for your wonderful flower!
    You'll have from now a new quiet friend who will delight you with her delicate colors.
    Thank you for the visit in the "world of beauty".
    I'll be back :)