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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My parents' gallery of wedding favours

Weddings have become a more and more expensive affair nowadays. It's a big business and there are people who quit their jobs so they can enter the lucrative business of being a wedding planner, supplier, makeup artist etc. After all, recession, inflation and what-not, people still get married.

My parents have a fascination for collecting wedding favours especially those which we are highly unlikely to buy ourselves.

Wedding Favour 4

The Egg casings made of porcelain and printed with flower motives.

Wedding Favour Pot Pourri cases 2

Porcelain Pot Pourri Cases. Super pretty but I think my father would go mad if I ever try to take any of these.

Wedding Favour Pot Pourri cases

Pink, cream and gold.

Wedding Favour Gold Basket

That golden basket is a tiny little bag for an egg. The White Tiger is mine. I won it at this Grabbing machine in Meadowhall Shopping Mall, Sheffield, UK. I wouldn't mind plushies for a wedding favour though.

Egg Flower Bouquet

Recycling the Egg Flowers.

These are given out all Malay weddings. My parents collect them and turn them into a multi-coloured Egg Flower Bouquet. When we have any little feast, we take them out to be given to guests. Recycle....recycle!

Wedding Favour 2

Wedding Favour 1

The Flowers upclose. Made of various materials. Fabrics, rhinestones, beads etc.

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