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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "Jekyll" in Hyde of L’arc En Ciel Photobook – the man and the spirit within

Found this at a branch of Popular Books in Jusco one Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t resist it. Got to have it.

Hyde Photo Book Cover

Japanese singer Hyde is the lead singer, principal songwriter/lyricist and guitarist for J-rock band L’arc en Ciel and the photobook, published in 2003, beautifully captured the spirit of the singer.

Hyde Photo Book Content 1Hyde Photo Book Content 2

He was snapped in various locations and situations with some pictures look naturally unposed even though I believe a great deal of planning had been put into the concept. Maybe that’s what the photographer intended.

Hyde Photo Book Content 4Hyde Photo Book Content 5Hyde Photo Book Content 6

The only words in it are excerpts of English translated lyrics of the band’s songs which are sung in Japanese. The songs are listed at the end of the book in Japanese.

“Horizons rise here in my eyes

A sound of silence calls

But in my heart, a distant hope

Is mine forever more”


I found the photographing techniques used in the book very fascinating. It’s a beautiful representation of a rock singer and his music with the use of red and orange tones throughout which seem to symbolize the vibrant and dangerous life often lived by rock stars. The use of blue tones especially on pictures where he’s away from the stage balances and clearly split the life of a rock star into two. One, the star we see onstage. Two, the man behind the music. Jekyll and Hyde, anyone?

Hyde Photo Book Content 7Hyde Photo Book Content 8Hyde Photo Book Content 9

Some pictures had been arranged in collages of Hyde on stage, backstage, dressing room where he is the star to places like market places where he is unknown.

Hyde Photo Book Content 3

Every time I leaf through it, I feel like I’m on a journey into his world where he expresses his thoughts in his music.

“Can you trust me when I’m mad

Have no time to set things right

Can you love me when I’m sad

I have no plan but that's alright"


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