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Friday, July 25, 2008

Animals don't mind your Grammar....!

In an attempt to sing and understand those German songs and interviews I've been listening to on You Tube, I have become quite attached to this Learn German book by Charles Berlitz. Bought it in 1998 from a discount bookstore in Sheffield, UK at a bargain of GBP1.99. Cheap!

There's this one section in Chapter 14 which makes me laugh every time I read it that my stomach hurts. It's on using the formal "sie" and informal term "du" for "you".

Here it is:

The use of "du"
.........the informal du is used between members of a family, close friends, young people talking to each other and generally in informal situations...........

When speaking to animal
As we recommend using the du-form when speaking to animals one might ask whether animals would notice if you use the right form - du for the singular and ihr when speaking to more than one. Although animals don't care about grammar ............................................if you used the formal "Sie" to talk or give orders to a pet or a horse, the onlookers, if not the animal, would certainly give you a curious look.


This reminds me of this cute cartoon strip by Gary Larson from his Far Side Gallery collection.

Copyright belongs to Gary Larson - The Far Side Gallery

My uncle brought this book back from the States many many years ago and I remember him explaining this strip to me.

Yeah, those animals don't mind your Grammar.

More lessons........

....but watch out for the "party animals" though!

This vid will tickle your funny bone....

Thanks for the and kisses!

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