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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"I'm too young for school!"

Every time my 4-yr-old nephew misbehaves, we’ll tell him that he needs to be sent away to school to correct his behaviour. He insists that he’s too young for school. Ok. Let’s see.

Dihar I Told U So

In the old days of my old old folks, we didn’t really have the facilities to monitor the track of time. Therefore, they sometimes devised their own unique ways to identify days, weeks and years.

For centuries, our homeland was occupied by colonization and my ancestors lived from one war to another. Due to this, basic life aspects such as Education and Healthcare were not well-standardized. As a result, kids of various ages attended school yet registered into the same class. Due to lack of proper birth records in the old days, they had this difficulty identifying which of their kids were old enough for school.

A cute story as told by my mother:

Their solution was:

Asked the child to lift one of his arms up ==> held it close over his head ==> asked him to try touching the ear on the other side of his head.

If he couldn’t reach the ear, then he was too young. Once he was able to reach the ear, then he would be deemed old enough to go to school.

In their unique observation of a child’s physical growth, they managed to come up with a cute quirky solution for this despite not having any watch, calendar or proper birth records, only driven by the desire to see their children have a better life than the one they went through.

Now back to my nephew, I decided to test him to justify his claim.

Dihar Not Old Enough for School 1

Ok. So, the cunning little cheeky wins this time

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  1. Haha, that's cute! (Found you on Link Referral)