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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The best Snow in the World is in Malaysia!

Snow Ice that is!

When I was studying abroad, the thing I missed most about Malaysia is the food. We have a great variety here from Asian to Western. Believe me, if aliens somehow choose to land here, we would have their restaurants sprouting all over instead of spaceships.

ABC Special JJ

The "ABC Special". Sounds like a US TV Channel except this is better. Haha!

The most popular form of Snow Ice in Malaysia is called "ABC'.

ABC = Air Batu Campur

Air batu = ice (literally translated as rock water or water rock!)

Campur = Mix

Therefore, ABC = Mixed Snow Ice

.....and what a mix it is!

Typical ABC:

1. Snow ice
2. Evaporated milk
3. Heavy syrup from coconut sap (or you can make heavy syrup by caramelizing sugar with water)
4. Heavy syrup made of sugar boiled with water with a dash of rose water for aroma and red colouring
5. Boiled red kidney beans
6. Corn kernel or creamy corn (whichever you prefer)
7. Fruit cocktail
8. A myriad of Chinese fruity herby mixture like which I do not know the English names for such as Len Chee Kang mixture, red dates, etc
9. Grass Jelly or "chincau" as we call it here
10. Any scoop of Jelly that you like
11. Peanuts
12. A scoop of ice cream
13. A sprinkle of chocolate rice OR a drops of melted chocolate

OK. The version with the Ice Cream on top is more known as ABC Special. If you order without mentioning "special", you will not get the Ice Cream.

ABC Rainbow

They name this ABC Rainbow although I do not see any "rainbow-y" thing about it compared to the usual ABC Special. I ordered this at a Food Court at a nearby Jusco Shopping Mall.

You can get the ABC everywhere in Malaysia. Huge Shopping Malls, roadside stalls, restaurants or villages.

ABC Special Puteri Beach

Of course they come in different shapes and sizes! I had this ABC Special at a seaside stall near my workplace.

Yes, my office is very near the seaside. A popular spot for "Water Festival" every year where people compete for things like who catch the biggest fish. Mind you, the fish around this West Coast water are not as big as the ones on the East Coast of Malaysia.

ABC Chendol

This one is a Chendol Snow Ice Special. Yeah, the ice cream is melting here because the lady at the stall prepared it way too early.

Chendol is the "Green thingy" you see there. Chendol is made of rice flour mixed with water and pandan leaves for aroma and colour. The whole thing will be stirred in a a hot pot till it turns sticky. Then, the mixture will be pushed through a "strainer-like" device resulting in the "noodle" look.

Yeah, I told ya the best Snow is in Malaysia. Wa-hey! Wink....wink....wink....... ;-)

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