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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Steven Adler busted for drugs - victim to naivety

The news abound when former Guns N Roses drummer was arrested for drugs and sadly after he just finished filming the VH1's Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

Steven Adler 2

First, I must say that I wasn't exactly a big fan of Guns N Roses (that "Rape Scene" poster is forever unforgivable!) and I had a certain dislike for singer Axl Rose even back then. It wasn't my prejudice but he was the one who liked to portray himself as a big jerk. However, I have always liked Steven. To me, he was the only one in the band without an air of arrogance around him. You could see it in his face, his eyes.

Guns N Roses Classic Lineup 1

Guns N Roses classic lineup. Steven on the right....the most innocent-looking among them.

Rock and metal world exposed vulnerable souls like him to drugs and alcohol. Isn't it sad when a young man had a stroke as a result of his drug abuse? He's 43 now which is still too young to be a former stroke sufferer with his speech impaired too.

Steven Adler 1

Steven during his days in GNR before the drugs took him over.

Here I am still loyally following the ups and downs of all the rock musicians who still rock my world. I'm a world away from you all and can only read about it as many of you fell into the abyss of drugs and alcohol problems. Reading an interview about his suffering and drugs helped me understand more about his world. It was easy to be surrounded by the wrong people and once you're in, you might never come out again without a strong helping hand to pull you out.

Born in 1965, Steven is the same age as one of my favourite drummers Ingo Schwichtenberg of Helloween who tragically committed suicide in 1995.

Ingo Schwichtenberg

The infectious smile of Ingo.
Ingo Schwichtenberg the Helloween drummer was the same age as Steven and fell victim to drugs too which ended with his tragic suicide in 1995.

Even sadder as he was also suffering from schizophrenia which was further worsened by his drug problems. Ingo was an excellent drummer and still highly respected even to these days. Looking at his photos, it's rather puzzling how such a smiley, good-looking and talented young man would end up the way he did.

As Steven frankly said it, at one point, he wanted so much to die but somehow God still didn't want to take him. He said, musicians like him were so naive about the dangers of abusive substances and what they could do to you. In those days, you couldn't find much about the darker side of rock and roll life in magazines.

Dear Steven, you may not be reading this but it's a blessing that you are still here. I'm hoping that you will be alright again and may someone with a good heart help you through this difficult time.

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  1. This is so sad - I am such a GNR fan. I like how you presented the news and how you offered your insights as well.