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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wanted - The Movie and what I saw

Before leaving for the capital city of KL, my brother left me and my sister a pair of free passes to any movie at the nearby MBO Cinema.

After discussing with my sister, we chose to watch Wanted because we are big fans of Angelina Jolie. The only slot I could find was a 10.15pm show.

“There’s a possibility I would fall asleep during the movie” – I told my sis as it often happens to me. Needless to say, I’m no midnight-show goer.

The only seats for two were at the back where there was a possibility of me, being the shorty that I am, getting my view blocked by someone in front.

What I Saw During Wanted

What I saw of Morgan Freeman during the movie.

Bill Kaulitz

Now imagine if it had been him sitting in front of me! Bill Kaulitz! But I wouldn’t bother about the movie then …wink…wink. This hair is a Work of Art itself!

My eyes were starting to act funny.

I did doze off!

The Kiss ~ Wanted

Woke up to see this scene. I was like, why suddenly the kiss? Even more puzzling when his character's girlfriend was watching the kiss!


The movie itself can certainly quench the thirst of someone who loves lots of Hollywood physics-law-defying action such as :

- slow-motioning a spinning car,

- flying cars without wings,

- broken windshield with “zero” shards of broken glass on the driver,

- getting thrown all over in a 100mph moving car with the lady’s hair remain perfectly in place,

- the guy sweating buckets and the lady’s makeup remain dry and unsmudged,

- ONE bullet shooting through the flesh and skulls of at least 6 people (how economical) etc

For me, it’s a mixture of The Matrix, A Beautiful Mind and should I say Harry Potter thrown in together. The one chosen to save the world and that one is most certainly a loser. In today’s context, a loser is potrayed as someone who Googles his own name wondering if anybody out there somehow have a link with him. Oh, what does that say about all of us?

However, the THREE leads make it worth watching. Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy are all great actors who you can rely on for Oscar-worthy performances. Maybe not on this one but I think we all know from the rest of their body of work.

James McAvoy Topless 2008 wanted

Check out those pecs!

Talking about “body of work”, who would’ve thought the friendly, warm and topless Mr. Tumnus could work out that upper body to this? I’ll have tea with THIS Mr. Tumnus any given day.


  1. thats not bill kissing david jost. its a girl. she has different bone structure. and features. so dont say they did please.

  2. I saw this while in google and at first i thought "oh no bill ="( how could you kiss a guy" my heart was falling apart but them i looked closer and i was "phew thats not bill yay" haha plz dnt say he did ur gonna have many tokio hotel fans on tears haha xD

  3. Bill would kiss a guy, it's just that this is a screencap from the movie Wanted...that's not Jost and "Bill" is Angelina Jolie