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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is this bird getting too comfortable in the nest?

A former colleague of mine came to visit us and treated us to dinner to catch up on old friends tonight.

He's doing pretty well in less than a year of leaving the factory. He's driving a brand new car. He thinks nothing of shelling out MYR145 for a one-way plane ticket. He certainly didn't think much about taking the tab for his former colleagues here which I'm sure totaled to a few hundreds of our currency. He's dressed more elegantly and he looks more matured now.

Thinking what has happened to me?

Meeting him again makes me look again at myself. I wonder what has happened to me for the last several years. When I was a student, the world was one big adventure to me. I wasn't afraid of taking a new foray into another journey after another.

Where is that girl who once told her friends that she'd changed her life every two years? Such as moving to a new place? Starting out something new? Where is she now? Why has she ended up being stuck to the same routine day after day which has long transgressed to year after year?

egret standing
Stuck to the same routine?

Looking back at my friend however also makes me think that, knowing his personality all these years, he's in his best elements now. He's a highly sociable person who's pretty cunning and full of tricks about running his chores and responsibility whereas I'm the kind who somehow abide by the textbook despite the rebellious inner me. Like I said in one of my previous posts, I'm just not heartless enough to take drastic steps about certain things. Always trying my best not to hurt people's feelings which I fail here and there occasionally. Not to mention my inability to tell lies and manipulate others which renders me character-unqualified to enter professions in areas such as construction and hotel industry.

happily paddling away
Has this bird turned into a duck? Only using the wings to a familiar distance?

Am I giving myself a sorry excuse again?

egret tree top
Is this nest getting too comfy?

OK. Could this bird be getting too comfortable in her nest?

flying swiftly

Fly again......will you fly again?

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