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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The scraps and their last journey on the highway

What a day yesterday!

Spent about 6 hours on the road driving the company's Auto-transmission Nissan Sentra all the way to the South and back. Very nice. Exceeded the speed limit many times. I hope there won't be any 'letter' from the Administration office telling me that I need to pay fines for speeding on the motorway. The last time we went there was in the company's Perodua Myvi. Cute car but not very suitable for long-distance.

Thinking of my predicament regarding the scrap car thingy, it so happened that we managed to pass by not one but TWO trailers with old cars that we assumed to be sent to scrapping centre. In other words, the government would send the fully working ones to some countries where the standard of living are lower than ours. You can always rely on our government on finding ways to extort money from the people.

Saw an old Honda at the back of one trailer. I know that one. Very hard body. Sturdy build. If any of the newers cars hit it, you'll know which one would suffer and which one would get away with some minor scratches. Now, tell me why would anyone in the right mind scrap an engineering wonder like that?

My colleague was like, "One of those could be yours". Yikes! Horror!

Met my old buddy from school who was adamant to give me some durians from her father's yard. The 'King of Fruits'! Told her of my problem and both of us were totally missing brains! None of us remembered that one of her housemates actually renews car insurances as a job. My buddy talked about me to her and the girl said she could do it for me because she has even renewed insurances for 40-yr-old cars!

Anyway, at least I have a backup plan for next year. Good news. I got my insurance renewed yesterday along with the road tax label. So, I can keep myself afloat for the next 12 months.

p/s: So, how were the durians? Yeah, anything to keep my nephews happy.
Thanks mate. Love.

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