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Monday, December 27, 2010

My car is back from the workshop with a new life.......and God knows how long would it be

Yup. I got my car back after a long hiatus. It went to the mechanic for a month to have the engine replaced. With a car produced in 1992, there is no way we can get a truly "new" engine. It's a used engine from God knows what year just to enable my car to move. My father is already telling me he saw some oil leaking on the garage floor after my car repair. I think it could be the Gear oil. Oh, the exhaust has been emitting smoke again barely 2 days after the engine replacement.

Well, I guess the "stingy" genes do run in my family...ha..ha! My friends at the office have been nagging me to buy a new one. In fact, I, myself declared on this blog a year ago that I would be getting one by the end of LAST year. Well, it's been a year after and I still am taking my rides on a "rusting piece of steel" I call MY car. Everyone is puzzled over my attachment to my car.

Ok. In tandem with my "stinginess", I am contemplating whether to get the cheapest car in Malaysia right now which is a Viva 660 which is a petrol super saver OR just upgrade considerably to its 1.0 Automatic sister. The 660 Model has no power steering, no power windows, no hand grips at the back seat and no stereo system. I don't really give a toss about "accessories" like reverse sensor or alarm. My trusty (rhymes with rusty....xD) old car has no such things. However, I DO need power steering, power windows (front seat), hand grips (all seats) and stereo system. If I do get this "sardine can" Viva 660, I will have to spend a bit to have these installed.

Well, it's not really those extras that bother me. They can be done. It's the being tied with another hire-purchase loan that bothers me. It's no fun getting into your 40s still having to pay for your ride.

Well, life's like that.

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  1. If a car is doing really badly already, I think it definitely is time to let go of it, no matter how much sentimental value it holds for you. It's more for safety reasons, at least for me. You're not very safe on the road with a vehicle that you know has a few things wrong with it even AFTER it came back from the shop. I hope you've since bought a new car that you're happy with, and have already begun making new memories with it.