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In life, we have to choose between the jeans and the cookie jar. Liz Hurley chose the jeans and I chose the cookie jar

~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Sunday, October 26, 2008 dustbin got stolen! It's Murphy's Law again!

Asked my father to help me with a teeny weeny property I have in a neighbourhood where a colleague of mine lives. It's been mine for a little over a year and I hope to be able to rent it out to young guys living in the area by next year.

Look at the interior of this dollhouse.
Hmm........this serves as a good example of the floor space I have in that teeny weeny property.

I read in a Homes & Garden magazine that a 800sqf house is considered a cottage in America. My tiny property is a few square feet shy of 500sqf. So, by American standard, mine probably qualifies as a closet. I believe celebs in Hollywood can easily give their children playhouses that size.

Floor-area-wise, my property is just a little bigger than this expensive playhouse but totally at the other end of the spectrum in the prettiness stake.....haha.

Then, the can of earthworms opened wide....!

I was shocked when I saw that my dustbin was NOT at the front of the gates. I thought it wouldn't happen to me in Malaysia. I got my dustbins stolen many times in the UK (apparently some people needed to use 3 dustbins per household). I marked the black dustbins with my property number so big you could see it from 100m away.

Why would anybody steal this black dustbin from me?

The most annoying thing was not only the dustbin got stolen, a moron even left his/her broken badly mangled old chair at the place where the dustbin used to be. Now, I certainly don't get this. If one needs an extra dustbin, that surely because that person doesn't have enough space in the existing dustbin. Now after stealing someone else's dustbin, there still isn't enough space for your trash?

I don't see the logic of stealing dustbins or dumping trash at another person's property at all as the City Hall workers come to pick up the trash on schedule. So, I don't see any reason why a household (of a very tiny house) would need more than one dustbin. The City Hall guys will pick anything you leave in your dustbins or any of those black plastic bags in front of your house as long as you place them properly around the bin. That's another reason why I don't understand the act of stealing another person's dustbin. I mean, if your bin is full, you can put your trash into those black bags and place them by the bin side. The City Hall guys will take them. I know this because I had done that before.

Also, the dustbin is actually a gift from the property developer for EVERY house owner when they hand over the house keys. So, why is there a need to steal from another house owner? I think next time, I will graffiti my dustbin in multicolours so that people can't easily remove the paints or markings I have made on it.

To end my already crappy day, my car wouldn't start and we had to leave it in the neighbourhood and call the repair guy tomorrow.

My Deepavali overtime plan may have to be scrapped due to this sickening turn of event. I need to finish that 'inspection work instruction' by Thursday. This is not fair!

Well, that's Murphy's Law in full swing.


  1. Eh, you have your own property now? Bravo! I used to rent a studio of that size.. but to me it was home. Hmm.. miss my Ritze..

  2. Oh. Yes. It's just a low-cost less-than-500sqf townhouse. With my earnings, that's what I could afford anyway. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that young singles and students live there. Thought it would be a good starting investment. One of my aunties did that and now she owns 7 properties to her name.

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