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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another farewell........another welcome.......another 'U still here?'

Today is the last working day here for my subordinate Ms.F (the one I talked about here).

She got a good offer for a government-funded management course in the capital city which is great as she's a smart and diligent diploma-holder. Not to mention very down-to-earth.

I am SO going to miss Ms.F. She's like a cool and relaxed little sister to me. She's a talented artist too. I admire the way she keeps her cool about Mr.B.

Wow.....I have lost tracked of the number of people who have 'passed through' my Section ever since I joined this factory as a nobody several years ago.

After lots of arguments with the HR Manager, I managed to secure for us TWO new members (I asked for THREE but my new Japanese boss only allowed two) to replace Ms.F and (hopefully) Mr.B.

Mr.B handed me a letter from his doctor requesting that he be assigned to 'dust-free' working environment. Hmm......let's see. We are factory workers and we do Quality Control job. Where on earth can we find dust-free area in a factory?! A-ha! 'The HR office!' I jokingly told my Manager.

It's been an unforgettable week for me as I made the morning speech I had longed to make on Tuesday. Getting everyone to turn up for work on the same day has been a challenge ever since Mr.B joined us. I had even stopped keeping track of his attendance in a secret diary I made.

I said all the things that a tired Section Head who had had enough would want to say about the inner turmoil of the group.

Among them:

1. I highlighted how in all the years I'd been with this Section, every time a new member joined, there would be some sort of fighting or arguments due to clashing of personalities. Told them I had had it with this kind of behaviour. "Honestly, I'm sick of it" were my exact words.

2. I said how I could tolerate arguments and fighting among people aged 25 and below because presumably this age group are hot-blooded, hungrier, inexperienced and still finding their own identities.

3. I bluntly told my members that I had no respect nor patience for people over that 25-year threshold who are still fighting over the simplest thing just like kindergarten kids.

4. I urged everyone in the Section especially the older ones to cast aside their emotions and use their maturity and wisdom (which should come with older age) to settle things down with each other.

5. I asked them 'What's the point of making a mountain out of a mole hill?' describing how the inner problems in the Section actually stemmed from small and trivial matters which could be settled easily (had anybody used brains and zero ego that is!).

6. I made it clear that I put priority on us finishing our assigned tasks on time and any childish behaviour or personal spats affecting the way the Section functioned would not be entertained.

7. Told them again that 25 years are equivalent to a Quarter of a Century which should be an important turning point for anyone who should have accumulated decent enough wisdom and intelligence to be a better person.

8. Personally, I do not like immaturity among people who are already married or over 30 or having already become parents. If marriage, kids and age couldn't knock senses into your head, I don't know what else could.

I wouldn't care less had I offended anybody with the things I said that morning as I had been carrying the burden of watching my Section become the butt of people's joke when any of the members engaged themselves in silly childish arguments.

So, 'auf wiedersehen' Ms.F.........good luck!

"Remember, 25 years of age should be the age you decide who you want to be for the rest of your life. Let your Quarter of a Century 'silver jubilee' celebrates the starting of that rest of your life."

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