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Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is foreseen........resignation anyone?

The hottest news at work yesterday was my former Manager quitting his job at our sister company down South. Then, he switched off his cellphone for the whole day.

He cited his reason as personal. It's true that he was influenced by family matters. However, deep inside, we all know that he couldn't really stand up on his own down south. Firstly, he had been way too dependent on his subordinates when he was with us. I remember he'd call me out to his desk on average 3 to 5 times before 10am everyday. Secondly, the management there is a mess and they don't have enough manpower in the lower hierarchy. You know, the people who actually do the job. They do have overpaid high-position people though.

I haven't contacted him yet. Maybe let him cool down. I wonder what he's feeling right now.

However, I'm sure it doesn't stray far from this...........

Insult COmments

OR at least this

Misfortune Cookies @

Talking about resignation, TWO of my young subordinates just submitted their resignation forms to me. Well, they're young and still have their lives ahead of them. I wouldn't keep myself here if I were in their shoes either.

Another headache for me. Getting new members and training them again. Is there any training job out there that pays better?

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