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Thursday, July 16, 2009

She's putting the perfect curse on herself

I'm stuck in yet another desperate situation at work.

Another member left the Section and she was the one we recruited before the last QC operator left. The most annoying thing about it is she left without a word to me or any of us. That cunning manipulative B**CH!!!

Frankly, I did have some suspicions about her when she kept giving clashing excuses for her absence or 'emergency leaves' or medical leaves.

1. She had a car but many times when she needed to go out, she'd say her fiance would come and take her because she didn't have transport.

2. She was absent one day without any information to me despite me having already told everyone in our Section to do so in any event of emergency. Her salary was put on-hold and with a grin on her face, she asked me to sign her unpaid leave application form just so she could get her salary. There wasn't a trace of guilt on her face. I told her to apologize to me first if she wanted my signature endorsement. That incident basically gave me a clear picture of the kind of person she was.

3. She once claimed of having a neck pain which normally resulted from lack of iodine in the diet but after our clerk enquired with the industrial nurse, the clinic staff said there was nothing wrong with her. If any, it was nothing more than normal swollen gum at the back molar. She went on and managed to get her medical leaves from an outside doctor regardless.

4. Then, she asked for another leave because she 'needed to send her cousin to register for college down South'. I had the urge to ask, "doesn't your cousin have parents or brother and sister?". What business would a cousin have sending a cousin to register for college? Whose car
would that be to transport the college girl's belongings there? I let her off but my suspicion was mounting.

5. She texted me for the last time saying she missed her bus and that she didn't have a car. My colleague said her fiance used the car. Oh, so the fiance could use the car when she needed it to go to work YET he could let her have the car to tag along sending her cousin to register for college? What a load of BS!

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Needless to say, she was never seen again after the last BS text to me. Now, I'm struggling to juggle the bulk load of unfinished job I assigned to her with my own management assignments. OMG. Not again!

I have always treated my members nice and kind but I will never give second chances for betrayal. I treat people good and I expect them to return that. Never mess with my trust!

I remember the last time a girl left my Section without a word leaving behind her unfinished assignments which I had to settle within TWO days before presenting them to SONY members. I 'cursed' her real bad, wishing for something to happen to her to teach her a real lesson. I was taken aback when a colleague told me months later that the girl was kicked out of the house by her parents for falling pregnant out of wedlock. I didn't wish for something THAT bad but I'm glad she finally learned what it feels like being abandoned when you need help the most.

This latest girl who ran away? I know she's getting married. Let's see. Marriage. Abandonment. Lying. Cheating. Betrayal of trust. Leaving without a word. She really is putting the perfect curse on herself. Hah!

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