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Monday, October 19, 2009 new office workspace

I have a new workspace in my office!

Let's just say that when my Division management instructed us to 'relocate' our workspace according to our Sections, I was far from thrilled to hear it. I was happy with the location I had been occupying since 2005. It was perfect. I could see people at the corridor. I had easy access to our pigeonholes. The air-conditioning vent wasn't too cold. Also, most importantly, I was surrounded by my closest officemates whom I shared banters and laughter with everyday. 'Relocating by Sections' meant we would be separated.

I came on Saturday on OT hours and helped around with the relocating. The guys had already 'relocated' our desks accordingly.

I am now seated by the door to the gent's room. That's restroom if you're American. That's the boys' toilet if you're from the rest of the world.

Got to tell you, the new location was my own request as I refused to sit right under the air-conditioning vent they originally planned for me. I can't stand cold temperature. My years in the UK had failed to take the Tropical girl out of me.....ha....ha.

As a compromise to my 'unwilling move', I cunningly asked for a computer at my workspace. The Management had no problem with it as my title actually had given that privilege which I never took advantage of. I shared PCs with everyone else.

My new office space 2
The floor is dirty coz apparently the synthetic tiles have been there since mid-90s.

Anyway, this time I asked for a PC for my own use with the excuse that the new location did not have enough space for 5 PCs. Only 4. So, 1 had to go to my desk. Yes, with the LCD screen too. Yes, our factory can be such cheapskate that CRT monitors and 1st Generation Pentiums from the 90s are still used. hey, they ain't broken. So, why throw 'em away?

So, here comes the surprise.

I think I actually like my new workspace despite loathing the idea originally. This is why.....

My new office space 1
I finally get to have my chosen wallpapers on the Monitor after years of staring at that blue Windows standard desktop display.

I think I'm going to change wallpapers everyday. I think anyone who's familiar with my ramblings here will know that those wallpapers will definitely feature some Teutonic cuties named Ingo and Tom and a Seattle-ite named Chris.

tom kaulitz looking at the lense greyscale Ingo in 1987 Japan program Chris DeGarmo on Kerrang Cover 1988 (698x877)
♥ Tom, Ingo, Chris ♥

I think it's fair to celebrate. Yeah!!

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