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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A 3-D Day Out with the Little Darlings :-)

Treated my nephews to a day of 3D experience at the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) yesterday.

I blew MYR100 on movie tickets alone!

3D movies cost a lot more. They added MYR5 for each ticket. *Sigh*That's for the privilege of wearing that pair of special 'glasses'.

The bonus thing is the 3D movies have NO subtitles. Yeah! I hate those subtitles that take up the entire bottom half of a movie frame. Unfortunately, that's what we have to put up with here. Why can't there be a rule that limits the size of subtitles font? Besides, a good movie can tell a story without the audience having to understand each word. A good storyline and strong characters will communicate to the people who see them.

BBQ Chicken Rice at Dataran Pahlawan Food Court, Melaka

What we had for lunch. BBQ Chicken Rice.

Since I had splurged on the movie tickets, I had to save on lunches. Local dishes would be cheaper than going to a McDonald's.

My nephews eating chicken rice

My nephews.....the little darlings :-)

We went to see How To Train Your Dragon and Alice in Wonderland. Alice has been on showing for quite some time but Dragon is new. In fact, its official US release would be 26 March but Malaysians got it a week earlier. Yup, the fact that we had secured a place in the international spotlight as the 'pirated movies' capital of the world had resulted in that. Well, despite how humiliating that is to me as a Malaysian, I can at least say there's something good coming out of it.

Did we enjoy the movies? Yes, we DID. Most importantly, my nephews were happy. I just wanted them to experience things I didn't have the opportunities to get as a child because these things weren't around back then.

How to Train Your Dragon - Hiccup rescues Toothless 1

The Dragon movie was a beautiful surprise to us :-)

Ok. At first I did want to write about those movies in the same post but I changed my mind as they deserve special dedication to them especially the Dragon one. Everyone already know Alice and it's dominating the Box Office already as we're reading. Thanks to the long-deserving appreciation of people and new young fans for the mega-talented Johnny Depp.

Oh, btw, my brother was the designer for the Alice opening event at Mid-Valley Megamall in the capital city. As a privilege, he got to wear the original Mad Hatter hat worn by Johnny Depp which was 'loaned' by the movie studio. So, it's a good reason for a family celebration.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Hat

Yes, my brother got to wear that hat!

Who cares that I blew that $$ for the tickets? It's the memories that count :-)

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