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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's Youngsters Drive Me Mad!

I'm SO NOT in good spirit this month.

Yup, yet another member of my Section ran away. Left without any explanation. The most annoying thing is he's originally from my area. We even went to the same primary school. He was my brother's deskmate at school. So, he's not exactly a stranger.

The crazies from my section always came up with the most elaborate excuses to not turn up for work. I have told you about the girl who did the runner last time here. By the way, that witch is back in this company working for another Department where she doesn't have to use too much brain. News traveled fast and my friends took no time to inform me that she left because apparently I was too hard on her and gave too many instructions. She couldn't take it. OH! So, my intensive personal one-to-one on-job-training sessions with her were not appreciated at all. Instead I was branded 'the bitchy female boss'. I saw her a few times since but ignored her totally. Someone like that just isn't worth any of my precious time.

So, how about it this time? Read below:

1.   "Sis, I had a toothache. I can't come today"

2.   "It's toothache again, sis."

3.   "My tooth really hurt yesterday"

4.   "It's raining heavily. My uniform is wet."

5.   "I have to go to the Court tomorrow".
      I thought it was about his child custody problem with his ex. Nah! Our Clerk told me that it was for traffic-related problem. 
      The way she said it, I assumed it must be unpaid parking ticket or some kind of traffic police summon.

6.   Another leave application stated as 'personal matter'.

7.   "Sis, I just got into an accident. I need to send my motorcycle to the workshop now."

8.   "My motorcycle is not fully working yet. I can't come."

9.   "Sis, I have to go to the hospital now. My kid just got involved in an accident. this is emergency."

10.   "Sis. I would like to apply for leave today."

11.  "Sis, I was on the way to work. Then, I received a phone call that my kid is sick."
       How on earth did he hear the phone ring while riding his motorcycle is beyond me.

12.  "You see sis, I didn't even have the time to iron my shirt"
       That was when he turned up the next day with wrinkled uniform.
       Wait, didn't he say he was already on the way to work the day before?
       How come the shirt was still not ironed the day after?

12.  "Sis, I didn't say I was going to leave. I'll come to work tomorrow."
       This was the last time I heard from him. He never turned up of course.

13.  Plus his 'absent without reasons' which I wouldn't waste my time to keep track on.

I'm angry. Angry. Angry. Angry.

Look, I've been working for almost 10 years and I have witnessed how with every younger batch of people in my Section, the quality gets lower and lower.

I am NOT exaggerating when I say that many of today's kids are rude, lazy, ungrateful and spineless. They can't face the least amount of hardship. They want things fast and easy. They can't value anything that cannot be translated into money. They want big salaries but not willing to give the dedication and commitment. Oh, I need to mention that they have awful hand-writing too. I can tolerate the boys on this but then even the girls have ugly hand-writing. What's happening? When did girls stop creating beauty with their hands?

At this point, I'm feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted. My week didn't start well when my subordinates didn't say a word during the morning meeting like they were there as zombies. I got mad and slapped my hand to the desk in front of us exclaiming how angry I was that the morning meeting seemed to not be taken seriously.

I cancelled yesterday's meeting and sent an email to everyone that it would be only on Monday and Wednesday from now on. They MUST inform me their planning for the next few days and Overtime (OT) request. Things improved tremendously today. Not without my 'lecture' on the topic of RESPECT first, of course. Everyone spoke as required. Good.

Or....was it because I stated in my email in RED that 'No info, no OT'? $$$$ is still the King.

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