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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Kitty buttercream cake for my niece

As my baby niece was approaching 1 year old, I was quite excited to try to make a girly cake. She has shown a lack of liking for dolls and figurines, so a Barbie cake was out.

Then, I saw this video from this Portuguese cake decorator I subscribe to on YouTube. Looked simple enough. So, I thought I'd give it a try. A Hello Kitty cake.

This pro makes it look easy!

In order to just concentrate on the cake decorating part, I decided to buy a ready-made cake from Giant supermarket with durian flavour. If the deco turned out a failure, at least the cake wouldn't.

I knew that my buttercream piping skill is a novice level at best but what I ended up with was downright abysmal xD

Hello Kitty Buttercream Cake
This was what I ended up serving for my niece's birthday.

Hello Kitty Buttercream Cake
It was my first try at using the frozen buttercream method.

Hello Kitty Buttercream Cake
Put coloured chocolate buttons to cover the bad "smoothing" on the surfaces

Hello Kitty Buttercream Cake
Oh....just look at that awfully distorted Hello Kitty.
Good thing is at least it's not as ugly as my Ben 10 cake for my nephews xD

Anyway, everybody enjoyed the small celebration. My niece got sleepy right after tasting the cake. Oh, well.

Aliyah Vignette
The birthday girl!

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