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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rice Crisps by Mister Potato Review :-)

Got to tell you all. I have a weakness to fried potato either in the french fries form or the crisps. Oh, who needs a diet when there are those around?

I can certainly sneak in some french fries or crisps into my eating plan via a drive-through or even a necessary stop at the petrol station :-) and say hello to an ever expanding waistline. You can also always find a packet of crisps in my mini fridge for daily nibbles. So, when Mister Potato announced a "reduced" version for guilt-free munching RICE CRISPS, I was more than curious to know. Would the taste be up to par with the real thing?

Mister Potato Rice Crisps
Available in 4 flavours. Original, Sour Cream n Onion, BBQ and Hot n Spicy.

First of all, I have to say that the packaging really stand out from other "crisps in upright container" on the supermarket shelves to me. Cheery colours with the dominant lime green against white background. I'm a sucker fro anything in lime green. They were also noticeably higher taller than the rest.

Mister Potato Rice Crisps

They even printed Extra Tall on the packaging.

So, what do I think as an eater?

Packaging look:
5-star! Lime Green sure is a winner to me. Extra tall is certainly a welcome feature :-)

Mister Potato Rice Crisps
Lime Green is a cheerful "sunshiny" colour :-)

Packaging "ease-of-opening" factor:
This is important to me as I normally hop into my car after buying my crisps and open the package immediately. I can't do that with this packaging though. It's so strongly sealed that I risk ripping apart the container if I continue forcing the foil top. I have to go home and use a knife to poke through and then carefully peeling it off. The good thing is, you are assured of your crisps being fresh upon opening :-)

Mister Potato Rice Crisps
The sealing was so strong, I almost ripped apart the container.

Mister Potato Rice Crisps
So, I had to do what I had to do. Poked it with a knife.

Mister Potato Rice Crisps
Aahh! The crisps were alright despite the bumpy ride in my car on the way home :-)

Thicker and crunchier than potato crisps. How to say it exactly? Potato crisps are sometimes delicate to touch and they break easily. Heaven forbid that your crisps container falls to the floor while you're eating. The crisps would break into pieces. The rice crisps are sturdier and maintain the shape better. I know because I accidentally dropped mine xD

So, let's now talk about the taste....

Mister Potato Rice Crisps
The Original & the Sour Cream n Onion

Reminds me of tapioca crisps. Really. Yes, folks. I think about our own"kerepek ubi" everytime this enters my mouth.

Sour Cream n Onion:
I tasted this second to follow its potato equivalent and the likely Western equivalent. This one actually tastes more like potato crisps. My sister would approve this as she is a big fan of the Sour Cream n Onion flava.

Mister Potato Rice Crisps
The BBQ & the Hot n Spicy

BBQ Grill:
Next I tried was this. Of all the flavours, this one is actually the one with the strongest flavour. It has the spices of the BBQ sauce, salty, sweet and savoury at the same time. The colour was a little darker than the other flavours too.

Hot n Spicy:
I tried this last as this one is obviously for the Asian taste buds. It is spicy but it certainly isn't hot at all. Your little kids would be fine with this. They wouldn't complain about it being burning their tongues for sure.

I was expecting the Hot n Spicy to be the spiciest one but as it turned out, the BBQ was the one. I'm happy with the texture and I certainly like the fact that these crisps are sturdier than their potato counterparts. Less worry about your crisps smashed to smithereens if you accidentally drop the container. Not that the rice crisps won't break at all but not as "crash-happy" as the potato :-)

Now, since these are cholestrol and trans-fat free with 20% less fat, you can be assured that these will be adorning my mini fridge looking pretty and satisfying my the guilt-free craves when I need to.

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