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Sunday, May 30, 2010

New PC, new Windows and how things suck

Got my new PC at the office.

My New Office PC
My new PC at the office.

Yup, they didn't waste time replacing the one I was happily using. Microsoft is forcing everyone to "upgrade" to Windows 7 by not issuing anymore of my beloved Windows XP. Of course, the Windows Office has now been "upgraded" to 2007 from the 2003. It's more of "updreaded" for me.

The only pros are I got a bigger screen similar to the one I'm using at home which is 1280x1024 pixels which is the comfortable size for office work and day-to-day tasks and the Memories are higher. Thank God they didn't change the monitor to the ugly 1399x768 pixels one. I don't understand this craze for wide screens. Day to day documents and office work need you to look faster at the pages from top to bottom not from side-to-side. These manufacturers need to produce computer monitors in equal quantities for both wide screens and regular office viewing. It's not like you watch HD wide screen movies EVERYDAY on your PC.

My Office Desktop Windows 7 Chris DG
Remember when I told you about the I.S. people disabling the wallpaper change feature?
I rebelled by making full use of the Windows 7 slide-show Gadget with pictures of cute rock stars....ha....ha...!

My remote desktop wallpaper
They still allow us to make remote connection and at the moment they forgot to disable the "Display background" function so my Warren pic is safe. Still a bit sad though as I didn't get to purchase this beautiful picture of him.

If they disable everything, then I will just resort to the old-fashioned way of printing their pictures (with the office colour laser printer of course!) and stick each of them to my desk calendar. I will not be defeated in this battle!

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