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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rock & Roll Tales In My Wish List of Books to Read

I spent my weekends earlier this month browsing through a series of book titles on Amazon.

As well documented here on this blog, I have a deep liking of rock and roll stories. Since I was a wee kid, I have always loved hearing stories about rock stars, their ups and downs, switching bands, who fired who, the sad drug abuse stories etc.

Ever since I heard an interview with Bobby Blotzer of Ratt on YouTube that he had a book coming, I planted a wish in my mind to get my hands on it when money permits.

The following are the rock n roll books on my reading Wish List this year:

1. Tales of a Ratt by Bobby Blotzer

The LA bands always have the most interesting stories to tell. These men are the reason why the 80s was dubbed the "decade of decadence". Bobby is the drummer for one of the legendary LA bands RATT.

Saw the run-through on Amazon where the names of other bands/artists mentioned in the book are listed. Nearly all the big who's who of the time were there but what attracted my eyes was the name Queensryche. A-ha! Interesting. Especially knowing that Ratt dumped Queensryche from the opening slot back in the 80s. It was QR's Rage for Order era. Honestly, I do feel that they were a mismatch. Musically, QR could easily upstage Ratt. Even though Ratt did have some fine musicians in it but QR were far more cohesive as a unit. Not to mention far more innovative musically. With a top notch vocalist who was at his prime. The difference was like day and night. So, I would love to know what Bobby has to say about them.

Sadly, the limited edition personally autographed book will not be available to me because it's only available from Bobby's website and they don't ship to my country ......hwaaaahh!!!!

2. Confessions of a Replacement Rock Star by Stacey Blades

Frankly, I did not know who Stacey Blades was before I went through the synopsis of the book. Oh, so he's in LA Guns replacing Tracii Guns. It's confusing enough for me to know that there are currently two bands using the name. How is that legally possible is beyond my technical knowledge.

However, as soon as I read some excerpts from it, I realized that this one is no typical rock & roll story but more about a man searching for his identity. He began with his family background. How he was adopted as a baby and still not knowing who his real parents are. Then about growing up in Canada before making his move to the USA finally landing the the job of a guitarist in LA Guns replacing Tracii. Anyone who knew the band from their most successful lineup (Tracii, Phil, Kelly, Mick, Steve) would know that Tracii is synonymous with LA Guns. Hence, the "replacement rock star". So, even finally being in a band he liked when he was younger still doesn't give him a sense of real identity.

It's hard for me not to empathize with Stacey after reading that. I feel like I want to extend my hand to offer my friendship to him and be there when he needs a friend to talk to. I'd love to read the whole story.

3. The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx

I'm not really a Motley Crue fan but I have TWO reasons to want this in my collection. First, I want to know how terrible the effect of heroin on first-hand account by a real heroin addict. Second, I like the artwork. I think it's amazing. The clashing black and red splashing across pages. Even if I may not be able to fully understand the world of drug addiction, I certainly can understand how the artwork had been designed in such a manner to help tell the tragic story through visual means.

So, there you go. Yes, among my collection of old clippings, tour books and magazines in languages I don't speak (Japanese, German, Dutch) I still have the common sense to at least get something I can actually read :-)

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