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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When they're replacing Chris DeGarmo and Warren DeMartini with Bill Gates......

When I talked about how bad it would be for me if I were forced to use the standard Windows background in my post about being stuck to a wallpaper here, I never thought it would be this quick. I knew it would come into reinforcement someday but I was imagining it to be next year the earliest.

Guess what? I was just informed by the Management today that the computer people are replacing my PC soon. I was shocked. What? It's been barely a year on my desk and now they're getting rid of it. With the ability to change our wallpaper being blocked, I will, like it or not, have to make do with the standard Windows background whatever that is that the Computer people set the new PC to.

Apparently, they're "upgrading" us all to Windows 7. I am still not a fan of Windows 7. I will have to get used to it no matter what. To me, it makes making the simplest task on Windows XP go a few steps further. I don't see where the simplification is. Maybe Bill Gates uses a dictionary from another planet.

Oh, they also will stop the remote connection to a mini server that we're doing now. It means that both my current wallpapers of Chris DeGarmo and Warren Demartini circa 1987-1988 will get deleted. This is really sad.

So, this means "Good bye Chris and good bye Warren"? Hwaaahhhh!!!!


Btw, I failed to secure this picture as someone else snapped it up. Oh, no! Hwaahhhh!!!

My PC Wallpaper

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