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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Sunday, April 18, 2010 may be stuck with that wallpaper for the rest of your life

The computer people have blocked the users' accessibility to another level!

Ok. Nowadays, with the advance in digital technology, it is unfortunately a necessary evil to implement such control especially for a manufacturing plant like ours. Yet still, my feeling about it is sucks!

It's bad enough that I am no longer able to access this blog and the entire MySpace pages as the Internet usage is strictly firewalled. Now, we can't plug in any of our personal flash drives. Well, it means I can't access the pictures taken by my digital camera as the images are stored in a memory card. Cameras with internal memory is OK though. I can live with that.

They also auto-lock our PC if we leave it unattended long enough which really isn't long at all. I went to the ladies' room and came back having to re-enter my password for not only the "mother" PC but also the remote connection login. Good for security but can get haywire at the same time when my keyboard keep saying I have the "caps lock" on even though it is not.

However, the worst thing is we can't change our wallpapers. Oh, come on. What is this? How is that a threat to company computer system and intellectual property security? Which reminds me of that dreadful Windows 7 Starter.

Thankfully, on the day before the implementation of the "locking" system, I happened to set my wallpapers to these.

My PC Wallpaper
This is what I chose as the wallpaper for the PC. That's Mr. Cool Chris DeGarmo performing circa Operation Mindcrime.

My PC Wallpaper
This what I chose for my "remote desktop" connection wallpaper. That's the beautiful Warren DeMartini from what I believe 1987.
*On a side note, I found this image online and I may have to purchase this photo now that I'm stuck with it. Maybe later when I have extra $$ ;-)

My PC Wallpaper
This is what happened when I leave the PC. I have to re-login.

My PC Wallpaper
Then re-login for this one too. So, double logging in through these two fine men.

OK. Now, all the images and wallpapers I have in my collection have been rendered useless. How sad my life has become, huh?

But then what is there to complain when I'm stuck with Chris DeGarmo and Warren DeMartini?

(*Unless they forced everyone to the blue Windows background in the future. Now, that would really suck!)

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