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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why April is so cool!

April is here. Yeah!

Enough with my rant about March. I was just blowing off steam. Don't get me wrong. I love my friends but you can't put a bunch of people together and not have clashes with each other occasionally. Right now, I need to think about myself and what would I do next.

Something about April brings smiles to my face. Of course, I'm biased. I was born in April. This year's April is already promising some good things for me to smile about.

1. One of my friends on MySpace has an April birthday :-) Got to wish her today no matter what

2. PC Fair is coming to town again from 9~11th April. Sadly, they will not be doing it at the shopping mall Mahkota Parade anymore. They will be holding it at the Trade Centre Hall just like last year where only people with their own transport can go and parking is severely limited. I really want an additional internal hard disk for my PC as I am so running out of space with only 80Gb.

3. My birthday. I was thinking of giving myself a Netbook or a new cellphone. However, with the recent problem with my car, I have to rethink. I was dead set on a Dell Mini but on realizing that the screen was the glossy type, I changed my mind drastically. Now, the only choice I would go for is a Samsung. Sure, Dell may have the better specs but at the end of the day, I don't think my eyes can enjoy

4. It's Warren DeMartini's birthday this month! He was the only reason I listened to Ratt back then. To hear his playing. It's no secret that I prefer more melodic metal like the European one. The kind of music the band was playing somehow limited him as a guitarist as I believe he was able to do more. Giving Yourself Away was very commercial sounding and way different from anything they'd done before but I was glad that the song enables Warren to show his versatility. I won't get tired of listening to his solo there. Oh, yes of course, Warren was and still is just drop dead gorgeous ;-)

Warren D at Monsters of Rock 1987
Warren DeMartini(middle) will be turning 47 on 10th April. This is from 1987.
April babies are beautiful. He's the proof ;-)

*Btw, DJ Johnnie Walker kept mentioning my country Malaysia to Warren in this interview at Blabbermouth. Thanks Johnnie :-)

5. Ratt is releasing their first album in 10 years. Had a sneak peek with the first single Best of Me and I must say that I felt transported back to my old school days. Not having a lot of pocket money, I was only able to buy just one album Dancing Undercover. To these days, the guitar intro to the song Dance still gets me excited and makes me feel like jumping over to the dance floor. Sadly the album was stolen from our house. I believe it was one of my brother's friends who did it.

So, there you go. It's early April and I'm feeling positive. Some areas of my life really suck but I won't let them bring me down.

April...shower me with love and life xoxo

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