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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm going on tour on 20th April ('factory tour' that is, duh!) and the Alien strikes again (help!)

Oh, pants!

Something I dread just arrived :-(

Just checked my email and saw a message from the Admin people that I have been selected for the next 'factory tour with the Managing Director(MD)' which they officially refer to as '5S Rounding'. That's the thing about working for a Japanese company. They have all these concept and principles that we have to follow.

It used to be so simple. Only the MD and 2 or 3 people from the Admin would be involved. One of them would be a translator to the MD. That was it. All we had to do was wait for them to come over to our respective Division and then wait for the report maybe a week later.

Now, it's almost like a battalion of management people selected from different divisions/departments to accompany the MD on his 'tour'. The walking part is fine as we all need a bit of exercise every now and then. However, the thing I hate the most about it is going to other divisions/departments and picking out bad things you see about them. Then, at the end of the 'tour', you are required to highlight those bad points to the MD one by one.

Look, walking around all day with the MD just isn't my idea of a good time.

Another thing. When will somebody deport the Alien back to his planet? To those not in the know, the Alien is the name I gave to our HR Manager as he is so inhuman to me, he must be an alien.

Last week, the Alien said loudly to me from across another table at the factory canteen that he had been nominated again to head this year's Annual Dinner. Oh, pants, pants, pants! Why oh why?

On Monday morning, my Manager informed us all in the morning briefing that the Alien indeed has been chosen as the Chairman and that he wants ALL the people from last year's Committee to join this year. From the way he said it, I think my Manager already agreed to it. Oh, come one. So, if this Alien is chosen again next year, I'll be stuck to that Committee again? Yikes. Help!!!

I wasn't happy with the outcome last year. I didn't have much time to eat. My "professionally applied" makeup was a "fail". My "payment" as the emcee was paltry. Then, the worst thing is, they didn't even have it all on VCDs. The only time I was the "star" of the show, they didn't make a VCD. All the crappy events in previous years had double VCDs even. It's just so unfair.

There are only TWO things I can be grateful of with all these Management things:

1. Being in that Committee means I get to participate in food-tasting. Now, that is what makes life worth living.

2. As much as I hate the 'tour of duty' on 20th April, that date will also be the date..........

.........that RATT's new album Infestation will be officially released. Yeah!

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