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Friday, April 16, 2010

Just a Girl Living in Captivity.....that's me

Remember more than a decade ago when No Doubt released the song Just A Girl? I bought both versions of the CD single in the UK as I found playing the song "charged up my batteries when they were running low".

There is a line in that song which I really like that goes.....

"Oh, I'm loaded up to here..."

....which perfectly expresses a girl's frustration to the max and that's exactly what I'm going through right now.

It's about the messy politics at my workplace, of course. So, yes, my dear friend is confirmed to be leaving next week. The management hastily got a fairly new guy to fill in his place taking over some of the tasks. The problem is our management are so clueless about what it takes to get someone to fill another person's shoes.

As expected, right after the Manager had a face-to-face talk with my friend, I was approached to give support in 'training' the new member especially in Supplier Audit matters. As soon as he opened his mouth, I said "NO!" Within seconds I went into a near-teary outburst about how "loaded up to the max" I am. I basically told him that I can't afford the time to take any other extra task as I've been jeopardizing my own responsibility in the Engineering section quite a bit lately. I'm just lucky to have a right-hand guy who is there supporting me and picking up my slack all the way without complaining.

I said that all these years, each time a key member resigned, I would be the person that their workload got dumped upon. Let me list them out:

1. An XRF activity in-charge colleague resigned back in 2004, I had to step in. Continuing with the daily inspection monitoring, revising and perfecting the procedures he left behind.

2. A colleague who was a member of the environmental & Green procurement committee resigned, her position in the Committee went to me. They said I had the knowledge, duh!

3. A clerk resigned, her education & training co-ordination work went to me as I am the main Trainer in our division. I must be the highest-paying "clerk" here.

4. A close colleague resigned last year, I had to take over one of her jobs going to suppliers for Sony models process verification as I am the person who normally has to do the presentation with Sony people.

5. Now, another close colleague is leaving, do I have to take over his job too? Heck, no way!

Here are some other reasons why (among many more reasons):

1. I'm already a permanent TS16949 system internal Auditor as almost half of the trained auditors were granted VSS. I'm one of the unlucky few who didn't get it.

2. They just made me an Auditor for ISO/IEC 17025 system on top of that. Apparently, I was selected for "being enthusiastically serious" during a Training session with an independent consultant. Now, they're already talking about sending me to a one-week training again in the capital city in May "to further deepen my knowledge". Heaven, help me .....aaaargghh!!!

3. I'm doing many of our Division's instruction manuals besides being the main active Trainer as nobody else seems to be making them now.

4. I've been forced to be in this year's Annual Dinner committee again as the Alien has taken a liking to me being the Secretary. I have instead made no secret that I dislike him.

5. My slackening with my own section caused a major demerit when Sony people came to audit their blu-ray model recently when my members put in the delivery quantity of one component incorrectly. It caused confusion to everyone as we never ordered that high of quantities ever. We had to correct everything there and then. I still feel bad about it and I admitted to having mis-looked that particular detail as at the time, I basically had to handle the project on my own. My section was left with only three people in those desperate times.

6. I'm very angry with the management for not listening to my plea not to interfere with my friends' Section. Now both of them have chosen to leave the company. Can't our management see that people are unhappy? So, why should I be supportive when our management don't care about us?

7. Why should I be the scapegoat working my brains coming up with improvement plans proposal for our Suppliers when there is someone here actually making money out of those defect parts? Yes, that's an open secret that nearly everyone knows here. Unethical if you ask me.

So, everyone, I have declared to my management that I will not be giving extra support anymore. Yesterday, me and my soon-to-resign buddy might have scared the new guy when we told him to be ready to :

1. "stand on your own two feet",
2. "face the battle as a Pawn parading around as the Knight because everyone knows the King is useless",
3. "be creative to cook up an answer in a meeting when your Superior never shows up"....ha....ha....ha!

We laughed hysterically when he said something about "a real soldier will not turn away from a battle". Oh, youth naivety xD I have only one thing to say here. Soon you will find out who are the ones "running away from the battle". I said to my buddy, "I have battled with every weapon and shields there can be from Samurai sword to auto-machine gun and have no more to battle with other than detonating a nuclear bomb and end it all". Ha! Ha! So, this tired soldier has decided to retire :-)

The new guy must be so scared that he called in sick today. Hey, me and my buddy were just opening him up to reality ;-)

Yes. Right now, I am "just a girl living in captivity" and that "I'm loaded up to here". Gwen Stefani really knew how to work that to her advantage, huh?

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