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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20th April is here and it's Ratt's Infestation album launch day....yeah!

I survived 20th April. Yeah!

I dreaded today as the it should have been the day that I had to join the Management 5S 'factory tour'. I did. Good news is our Managing Director is in Japan at the moment and he wasn't available for us. Alright! He did, however, ask another Japanese to join us. I wasn't sure what his name is as he's fairly new in our branch. He previously was in the China branch. He mainly speaks Japanese and Mandarin and very little English which somehow worked out to our advantage later.

My legs ached as I trailed behind everyone. The men were much faster. Even the fat men were faster than me. This isn't right! After it was all over, we all gave only short comments about the overall condition of the factory as the guy was not proficient enough at intermediate level English.

Ok. Enough about work as I have a reason to celebrate. Checked my mail to see a message from Amazon that my Ratt's Infestation CD is now on the way. Oh, I'm so frigging happy. Let's pray that it arrives in my mailbox safely. I even resisted listening to the `streaming' offered by Roadrunner Records online. I want to be surprised, you see. I have this feeling that it will be a nice surprise too :-)

My week didn't start well as I let out my anger during Monday morning Division briefing about unco-operative people who were not being nice to my subordinates regarding Engineering documents control. My Manager gave me a short lecture instead in front of the WHOLE division about me being emotional in giving instructions. What the heck was he talking about?! I wasn't giving instructions, mister. I really was letting out my anger.

Ok. Back to my celebration of Ratt's new CD. Now that my April 'gift' is out there, I can personally celebrate this special occasion. It's sad that I'm thousands of miles away from all the action. So, last night, I happened to stumble upon an old video of Warrant performing in the Gazzari Club in 1987 on YouTube. Hey, that's the place that Ratt is launching the new CD according to Warren DeMartini except the place is called the Key Club now. Oh, I'm wishing him well :-) In a way, it is his birthday gift too ;-)

I cranked up Eat Me Up Alive this morning in the car on my way to work. Thanks Roadrunner for that free download :-)

Suddenly I'm reminded of a question from a friend at work who asked when I told him that I'm feeling like 15 when I have actually stated here on my blog about feeling 18 in my opening lines.

In response to that, the answer solely lies in this Ratt's new CD.

Frankly, I wasn't that big of a fan back then when I was a teenager. Dokken was and still is my favourite LA band. Their only album that I was able to buy Dancing Undercover didn't stay with me that long. It got stolen. I'm not a fan of Stephen Pearcy's vocals but I really liked Warren's guitar playing which unfortunately didn't sound like it was mixed loud enough in the studio back then. The Infestation album on the other hand put a lot of emphasis on the guitar sound from the two songs I've heard so far.

So, what does being 15 have anything to do with it? It's because this excitement that I'm feeling right now is exactly what I would have had back when I was 15 when a band released a new great album. I would feel like the world is my oyster. I would feel high up in the air. My beautiful world from the great 80s is back :-)

Tonight I'm feeling 15 again ;-)


I just have to link to this video. It makes me feel like I was part of the celebration every time I watch it.

Warren DeMartini looks so good here ;-) during an interview at the Key Club with XtremeTV (check them out!).
It's always great to see someone from that era still looking good when many of them are trashy wasted. I have never ever heard or read a single sleazy story about Warren.
Here he is with Carlos Cavazo, the man he chose to be part of the band.

Rock on everyone!

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