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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Murphy's Law strikes again!

What is it about June every year that brings me financial bad luck?

1.   Had to spend more than MYR700 to fix my car.

2.   Then, of course, the insurance and road tax renewal which fortunately cost only MYR111.

3.   My PC gave up on me. Hwaahhh!!! The motherboard was probably overheated from intensive usage that my PC tech uncle said that the ICs melted. Had to choose a motherboard I could afford from a catalog. My fear is what if I need to replace the Processor too?

Whatever it is, my biggest concern is my hard disk as all my files are in there. My MP3s, all the pictures from my Kodak C653 cameras, all the receipts for the online banking I have made, various cake decorating photos and videos I have collected from the Internet, various recipes collection, home deco pictures, my digital artwork project files etc.

4.   I lost my chance to win the passes to MTV World Stage 2010 featuring Tokio Hotel because my Netbook isn't strong enough for the Java-heavy MTV website.

5.   One rainy morning, I forgot to switch off my car headlights so had to call my brother that night after work to help after everyone else from work was already happily relaxing at home.

6.   While charging my car, I heard a loud exploding noise. Boom!! My stereo had stopped working since. No money to replace it for now. Have to use my little MP3 player instead directly to my ears. My car speakers are at the end of their working lives anyway.

7.   Of course, helping me with my car means using my father's car which I had to refill right after. Cost me MYR20 (worth 3 days meals!) to kiss the old man's butt.

8.   Found out that my car motor oil is leaking again. I don't know why. Now, this, I can't afford to fix at the moment. This might involve overhauling the engine which is very costly and it might take more than 2 weeks. For a car like mine, finding the spare parts isn't easy.

What makes me very very unhappy about these is I have to delay my plan to get those rock n roll books I want so much from Amazon. I had already planned to purchase them in July but with all the craziness going on in my life, I probably have to delay my plan up to December even. Oh, how sad!

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