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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Entire Webshots Albums Gone!!!!

Holy holy cow dunk!!

With so many things occupying my life in October, November and December 2012, I was not aware of my go-to Photo hosting website was shutting down due to management restructuring. What the heck?

I just found out today after checking my "abandoned" MySpace page and saw images of this "memo" plastered all over the page.

What the fish?

When I clicked on it, I was brought to this:


I started to fish for information and discovered they deleted those photos as Webshots now has turned into Smile by Webshots and apparently only those who managed to log on by 1st December 2012 and saved their photos or migrated to the new service are spared from the deletion. Oh my Lord!

See the news here at Flickr and here at The FW.

You know what people? This has rendered the existence of my entire Blog almost obsolete!

I mainly used Webshots for my photos here as I like how they automatically generated codes for exactly the sizes I wanted easily and the whole look and feel of the website was warm and inviting. Not to mention user-friendly. I even found some of the best photos in the world on there, uploaded by other users. Some of my blog entries here are photo-based with embedded images from those. Now, with those photos gone, this blog just DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

This blog, even though I haven't been updating it for quite some time, has been the testimony of my foray into the online world diary-keeping. Now, I feel like a big chunk of my life history has been erased! Like an invisible bomb has been dropped onto my head! Like my heart has been ripped out!

What do I do now? Those older photos are mainly kept in my old PC which is now collecting dust. The poor thing blacked out back in April 2012 and I haven't got the time to fix it yet. The new year has started and this is the year that I desperately need to start anew with my life (finding a new job, saving more money, hauling my entire existence etc) and I don't want to have to go back to fix this simply because a company restructured.

Dear Almighty, please help me ease up. This has been a rough start for me. May you help me stay on the positive path.

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