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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The buffet, the 'shower', the ex and the fart

Went to another Ramadhan buffet yesterday at a nearby resort. The Everly.

Everly 100_2937

Everly 100_2939

Everly 100_2938

Everly 100_2941

I'm quite partial to this particular resort as the have a pretty wide variety of food everyday. The space and the layout are nice too. Good parking space. Enough shady trees and well-maintained bougainvilleas for the splashes of colours against the mainly light-coloured buildings.

So, the fact that they seated us outside this time (grrr....) was not a big problem. I even jokingly said to my colleague that if she still wanted us to be moved inside, there was still an ample space right in front of the main door at the lobby. Guess what? My words were a prophecy. Read on.

They had the grilled stuff (satay, beef and lambs), rice and accompaniments, desserts, pasta, fruits, ice-creams, snow ice, salads and seafood (mussels, crabs, fish).

Everly 100_2943

Everly 100_2947

Everly 100_2950

Everly 100_2948

What I had :-)

So, everything was fine until......


Ok. I usually refer to this ex-bf as No.4. He's gained weight whereas he used to be super skinny when we met. He's a father now too. I don't know whom he married and honestly, I don't f***ing care. He dumped me saying I was old for him. The jerk didn't even have the guts to say it to my face and told a friend instead.

Seeing his face again yesterday, I'm glad he dumped me. Sure, I was crushed. No, I was broken to smithereens. At the time anyway. By the time No.5 came along, he was history. Ok. No.5 dumped me too but that was expected as our age gap was still unacceptable by our society's standard. Besides, he already had someone when we met whom he conveniently forgot to tell me. Duh!

Back to the meal, I had a blast. My colleague and I sat with the guys at my insistence. Guys don't gossip much. When they're out, they just like to have a good time, share jokes and devour as much food/drinks as they can afford to. Precisely the reason I prefer to hang out with the guys.

Then, amidst our laughter, we were shocked by the sudden "shower" from a top balcony. We were seated outside yesterday. Yikes! What water was that? Cleaning water? Eewww.

The fun started when a colleague complained to the F&B Manager. He jokingly said we were going to sue for negligence. He also thanked another colleague for sending him away to the dessert buffet at the time of occurrence as his seat was the worst hit by the "shower".

Then I saw the Manager instructing his staff to set up another table inside RIGHT AT THE FRONT OF THE MAIN DOOR AT THE LOBBY. my words really were a prophecy. Just like when I said to my buddy during Ramadhan Tarawih prayer back in our college days to imagine the little son of our hostel warden farting. The little boy was busy teasing people around and I just imagined what more could he do to really take away our concentration from God? So, I turned to my buddy and said, 'Imagine what if the boy suddenly farts". Then he DID. DURING our last prayer verse no less. Like a grand FINALE to our prayer. My buddy and I had to stifle our laughter till the prayer ended that it hurt our stomachs. Right after the last salaam, my buddy dropped to the floor laughing hysterically. It was so frigging hilarious.

Wouldn't it be great if ALL my words become prophecies?

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