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In life, we have to choose between the jeans and the cookie jar. Liz Hurley chose the jeans and I chose the cookie jar

~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's 09.09.09 today and my day started quite gloomy.....



I'm sure somewhere on Planet Earth, somebody is getting married or celebrating something to that effect. What is it about humans and their fascination with dates and numbers?

My day started gloomy not because something bad happened but rather I felt the absence of my sister and my younger brother at home. They're both in the capital city. One working temporarily and one had to send her thesis. Btw, my sis has not even graduated and already she has a job offer in our home state. She was kind of 'head-hunted' as the company apparently contacted her college to offer employment and they gave them her name. I was unemployed and hopping from one miserable job to another for TWO years before landing my current job. Lady Luck doesn't smile at me much.

At the dining table before dawn, it was just me and my parents. The nephews were sleeping.

It was quiet. Just an elderly married couple with their spinster stubborn-headed daughter who doesn't have that much money. I feel like a loser.

I hate to imagine the day my elder brother moves out someday. I will so miss the little ones. My nephews and new baby niece. Their laughter and the way they would look at me adoringly.

My head keeps on flashing me images of the things I dreamed of doing, the men (the rock/metal musicians I mean...ha...ha) I wanted to meet and the places I wanted to go. Will my feet ever step on the ground of Berlin and Hamburg? Will I take a walk along Brooklyn Bridge in New York? Will I watch the performances on Broadway? Will I go to Seattle and witness for myself the seemingly close-knit musical community? Will I go back to the country I once dubbed my second home, the UK?

Only I can make it all happen.

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