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Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010.......I'm going green with 'Green Bags'

Yup. That's true.

I know that this resolution thing is somewhat a clichè now. Everybody wants to have a resolution every new year which they end up not following till another year comes.

However, the subject of 'green bags' has always been dear to me since my childhood. I LOVE seeing those paper brown bags that people use for grocery shopping on American TV shows back in the early 80s. In fact,when I was a kid, grocery shops used to have stacks of paper 'bags' to fill in the goods bought by the shoppers. Sometimes, I got to see the shop owners make their own from old newspaper. Oh, I miss those days.

I hadn't been very active in 'participating' in the green bags movement admittedly. My first 'green bag' is from Jusco shopping centre. Then, Tesco. Bought the bags but always forgot to re-use them when I went shopping there.

However, this particular bag from Tesco changed my mind to really get serious. This would be the only designer bag I could ever afford, I must tell you xD

rizalman tesco green bag
This bag is PERFECT.
The blue colour combo is fab!

My green bag from tesco by Rizalman

That's the most beautiful 'r' alphabet I have ever seen.
Oh butterflies 'r' beautiful.

Designed by renowned Malaysian designer Rizalman. His blog here (it's in Malay though) and his Official site here. Famous for designing fabulous one-off dresses for local celebrities and the rich. What seems to set him apart from most Malaysian celebrity designers, to my eyes at least, is his ability to create rich opulent designs AND simple elegant ones. Most designers are either one or another.

Rizalman's bags' available quantity is limited to 50,000 pcs only. Oh, I have got to grab more.

My green bags

So, here's my collection of 'green bags' so far. Jusco, Cold Storage and Tesco.

Here's to 'greener living'..... :-)

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