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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Whoah! Am I trying to be a tongue-twister writer here?

Nah! We used to just call them SONY but in a management reshuffling move, they are now known as SOEM.

Opened the email this morning to find a notification from the Admin people that I, along with a colleague, had been invited to a VIP meal at the 'conference room'.

Oh, dear*sigh*, I'd been dreading this day since they emailed me about it last week. The SONY people again. It would be another presentation for the running blu-ray model. They have a thing for 'grilling' you with questions after questions till they're satisfied with your Quality performance.

I went with ZERO preparation. Like 'd normally say it in my native tongue "I bring my body only". No, there's nothing sexual about that idiomatic expression. It is a sarcastic way of saying 'not doing or taking any preparation'. So, you basically go as nothing more than your 'body'.

I knew that there would be that special Japanese dish SOMEN, the cold noodles they like to eat in the hot Summer months to cool the body down. Since Malaysia is basically 'Summerland' all year round with some 'monsoon showers' towards December, the Somen can be enjoyed here any time they want.

Let's talk about the presentation first. It was so humiliating as I had to present the 'old data' from last presentation when it is obviously already 2010. So, "bring my own body" next time, huh? It was so embarrassing when they asked "Can you show the latest Data?" and I had to turn to my colleague for help. Thank the Almighty as the SONY people were not interested in dragging the presentation and were content with the fresh hard copy Data we frantically told our Technician to take from the cabinet way back at our Division office.

Now about the SOMEN, I didn't eat it as I discovered last time that the dark sauce they use has wines listed on the label. I used to eat BOWLS and BOWLS of Somen before I read that label before. Muslims aren't allowed any alcohol in food and drinks.

But I did manage to make my own Somen at home using Light Soy Sauce and Apple Juice. Here's the picture:

My Japanese somen - cold noodles

My 'non-alcoholic' version of the Japanese Somen. Hey, not bad. Similar to
the real thing :-)

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