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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Penang.....the 'pearl' island

Just got back from my trip to Penang. Fab place!

First of all, there's no 'pearl' in Penang. It's just a nickname to describe what a treasure the state is. Apart from the much higher cost of living over there, in most other aspects, Penang is very much a close cousin of my home state Melaka. Especially the old Chinese shophouses and the way of life there. Except you can't find people driving Ferraris or Porsches in my home state.

Me and a colleague went there for a business trip but what I have always looked forward to the side activities we would do once we get there in every trip.

Penang trip - ready to take off
I'm a sucker for window-side seat.

Penang trip - view from KLIA Airport
I don't know why ALL my plane seats are at the WING side!

Remember Final Destination first movie?
Those at the wings were supposed to die first. Freaky!

penang trip - i'm always at the wings
But every time the plane is taking off (my favourite part of flying), I'll be exhilarated again


I will think of this man......

Chris DeGarmo HITNF 1(600dpi median)

...... my favourite pilot in the world......Mr. Chris DeGarmo ♥

Penang trip - mighty nutty at swensen's
Got my taste of a very tall ice-cream combo at Swensen's in Auto-City.
I don't remember the name. Might Nutty or something. I couldn't finish the bottom bits. What an indulgence this was.

Penang Trip - waffle ice cream at Swensen's
They also sell this waffle ice-cream combo. Wahey!

On the way the hotel, I saw a shoe shop and the secret Carrie Bradshaw in me reared her head.

My new dancing shoes from Penang
I bought this beautiful pair of dancing shoes.

Is this the shop owned by Jimmy Choo's first shoe-making teacher? I know his teacher is a Penangite and still makes custome-made shoes and dancing shoes which he once showed on TV here.
I hope it IS his shop. I cannot afford a Jimmy but getting a pair by his teacher is a huge step ahead!

What did I do to keep myself occupied in the hotel room?

Penang trip - reach for my artist's tools
Brought my artist's tools with me ;-)

My colleague had his laptop. Well, this is what non-laptop-owning people do. This was my Wi-Fi for the night :-)

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