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~ Nigella Lawson....(on women's body image and her own voluptuous body)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It feels good to be adored......again

I just went through something I'm not proud of recently.....about 3 weeks ago regarding a person. Don't want to go into that in this post.

So, maybe God had somehow arranged the Universe to perk me up last night and it feels goooooood!!

I was driving home from work when I had to stop at a traffic light when a saloon car carrying a family with young kids stopped on my right. There was a curly-haired little girl sitting on her mother's lap at the front seat. She looked like less than 2yrs old. She turned her cute little face and saw me. Something must have triggered her in the head when she suddenly stood up, smiled showing her tiny teeth and waved at me. I was taken aback. Wow, it'd been such a long time since a stranger's baby did that to me. I got quite a number of this kind of experiences when I was a student but as a working girl? This must be the first in years that I could remember.

Somehow the traffic light took quite some time to change to green, so the little girl was more than happy to be "friendly" towards me. She kept smiling and waving that even her mom and her older brother (about 7yrs old) noticed me too.

When the traffic light turned green, her dad sped the car away. It was a much bigger car than my "trusty rusty antique" so I was left behind in the trails. However, the car sped away with the cute little girl smiling even bigger and waving at me even stronger. Now that's the memory that is etched in my mind as I'm typing this.

Yes, it feels good to be adored like that especially if it's from a little soul. Random act of adoration. It's a baby. No agenda. Just pure adoration. Thank you God for this little gift :-)

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