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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The metrosexua​ls are here to stay.... :-)

Blame it on the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, the star footballers (soccer players) of the world but metrosexuality is here to stay and conquer our men......and I like it....haha!

While waiting for a mechanic to take a look at my car aircond problem earlier last week, I walked to an Optical shop nearby and casually looked at the Coloured contact lenses promo ad outside the door. A young man came out in pristine outfit with a flyer in his hand. All hair in place. Clear skin. Big eyes.

He greeted me, starting to talk about the promotion they were having. I just stood outside listening. After walking in and out the door several times with different flyers, he asked me to come in. Haha. Poor guy. This is why a career in sales and marketing is a doomed road for me.

I walked in, feeling sorry for the young man. Hey, he was nice. No harm there. Inside, there was another young guy with a pair grey contact lenses. As they were both talking, I looked at them. I think it's fair to say that these guys have more hair product on their hair per day than I've ever had in my entire life!

I wasn't interested to get any coloured contact lenses because I don't really like them. They're a bit dry as the water content is normally below 50%. However, the guys were just doing their jobs. Besides, I have naturally brown eyes which people always mistake for coloured contact lenses anyway.

Before long, I changed the boys' promo talk to another topic. About car maintenance and vacations in Port Dickson (PD). They told me how they enjoy beaches and privacy during holidays. They gushed about Eagle Ranch Resort in PD. Incidentally, it is a place I've been wanting to go. I have a thing for Cowboys and Indians since I was a kid and this place seems like the kind for me. We also talked about the mystical Pulau Besar and our wishes to go there only hindered by the scary stories about it. It was fun sometimes having friendly conversation with total strangers....hehe.

The whole time, it was impossible not to observe the boys' haircuts, their skin, their overall grooming and their demeanor. Yes, they even had nice teeth. Like I said, these guys probably put on more hair products on their head in one day than I've ever had in my entire life. The skin showed that they took the time to choose what skincare would work for them. Mind you, this is just a shop in a small town i.e upgraded village. Not in a big metropolitan.

Ok. Patiently taking their time chit-chatting with me, I thought it was only polite for me to try on the coloured lenses. In this case, Circle lenses that make the irises big like Anime characters. Once I had them on, the boys actually really looked at how those lenses looked on me and commented which colours they thought suited me better.

"Oh, don't pick this one. U look too cartoon-like," "This one is better for u," "She looks different, doesn't she?" (asking his friend)
"Would u like to try this colour? It will look good. Trust me," "Hey, look. Your natural eye colour makes this lense look different," "U see that? How the colour looks on her?" (asking his friend) "Oh, certainly pick this one. It looks so good on U (smile),"

Hey, who needs a girl companion to shop with when we can have this kind of male shop assistants?

So, what's a girl to do? Yup, I was so taken in by the charms of the metrosexuals. I came in not wanting anything to do with coloured contact lenses and by the end of the conversation, I willingly forked out RM60 for a pair of Brown Circle Lenses which I do not really need yet those metros liked on me. I don't even know when I'm going to wear them.

To add cherry to the topping, as I sat at the car workshop waiting for the mechanic to work on my car, Mr. Metro No.1 whizzed by in his little car, honking and smiling with a friendly gesture.

I don't know about you but I like men to be accessible, unashamed of being in touch with their inner effeminacy and yet still secure about their sexuality. I certainly am not turned on by men who think they should keep their manliness in check all the time by acting serious and tough or the way we call it in this country = "control macho". Cute and playful are way more fun to me.

Lord of the Rings. Aragorn or Legolas?

the strong and serious Aragorn......?


the agile and playful Legolas?

You know MY answer :-)

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