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Friday, March 20, 2009

Kenwood Patissier MX270 and me......

The Kitchenaid dreamers' cheaper alternative, the Kenwood MX270 in full-metal body......and it's mine!

I did something kind of in a whim this month. I bought the mixer Patissier MX270 by Kenwood at the nearby Jusco Store.

OK. For quite awhile, I was contemplating on getting myself a home kitchen size heavy duty mixer for my baking adventures (more like misadventures). These mixers are expensive of course.

The ultimate for me is of course Kitchenaid but the cheapest price I can get is MYR2200. Then, I got interested in a Spar mixer from Taiwan widely used in Malaysian bakeries. There is one shop in town that offers the 2kg model for MYR1950 instead of the usual MYR2300. Yet, MYR1950 is still beyond my means.

Then, I walked into Jusco (originally to get an electric oven) and suddenly saw a promotional signage hanging at one of the promo areas that said 'KENWOOD Patissier MX270 for MYR1399 ~ Jusco Card members MYR1199'. Whoah! This was a bargain too good to let go. Problem was I couldn't see the Patissier at all. They had Kenwood Chef, Kenwood Major and the latest Kenwood K-Mix (beautiful but expensive!). The Kenwood Chef was priced at MYR1899 but even though the motor was 800w, the body was mainly plastic. The Patissier is more for smalltime home baker with only a 1/2kg dough capacity and a 400w motor but the body was ALL metal and that's what I'm looking for. A full-metal body.

After seeing me circling the Kenwood promo display for awhile, a sales guy approached me to help out. Turned out that there was only ONE Patissier left hidden at the bottom of the display and at almost 10kg weight, I was grateful that a guy came to help me.

OK, so that is another 'loan' on credit card and I shudder thinking about the payment I have to make but I like to stretch my payments into several months because I need to keep some cash in savings in case my car break down or whatever (which it did afterwards BTW). Besides, it's something I need badly.

So what do I think of it?

First of all, anyone who wants to buy this must be very realistic of what the machine can and cannot do:

1. The manufacturer already stated that this is a low-capacity home-sized machine with about 1kg of liquid batter mixing capability and 600gm of dough Max.

2. It was meant for home-makers and novice baking enthusiasts who want to upgrade from the small hand mixer to something sturdier, a little more powerful yet at the forefront when it comes to style.

3. This is NOT a machine for very large capacity nor is it suitable for serious bakers who need professional industrial-sized equipment.

My pre-requisites were:

1. A full metal body because I do not want a plastic machine that moves
around when kneading a fondant dough.
2. A machine with the basic heavy duty attachments of baloon whisk, a
paddle and a dough hook.
3. Looks like Kitchenaid.
4. Cost less than RM1500.

So, the Patissier was perfect for me. Of course it'd be better if I could get it in chilli red. I am not a fan of the colour red but this one particular machine looks amazing in red. They had only the white one. Well, I thought I could always spray paint it later. As if.

It would be nicer if I could get the MX271 in chilli red but they didn't have it.

The operation is quiet (well it's more of unobtrusive low sound) which is a nice break from the very noisy hand mixer. Yes, this definitely is a stylish home-maker only machine.

The standard attachments : the balloon whisk, the paddle, the dough hook

1. The balloon whisk looks a little less ballooned as far as I can see it.

2. The paddle attachment isn't the usual 'K' design but a little bit different with more like an oval hole at the bottom.

3. The dough hook looks a bit tiny but I think this is probably a way to deter users from trying to force more than 600gm of dough onto it.

I did read an awful review from someone who bought this to replace the Kenwood Chef model in a professional kitchen. For me, it was THAT person who was the fool. Everyone else who gave a glowing review was either a home-maker or a baking novice or a Kitchenaid dreamer who couldn't afford the price tag.

So, there you go. I got a perfect machine for my needs at the price I could afford.


  1. Thanks for this review. I'm also in the same situation and contemplating the Kenwood.

  2. Oh where did u see that comment?

    The person should've gotten herself K-mix. It's a beautified version of Chef, with the same bowl capacity.

    I am in the midst of deciding between Kitchenaid and K-mix, of which after doing much reviews, I'm going for K-mix as it has a bigger bowl,almost double of Kitchenaid. Capacity is a big issue for me, cos when making sponge cakes, the volume is quite an issue. Don't want things to be spilling all over.

  3. I read that unfavourable review of the Patissier on a UK site. I didn't bookmark it at the time. Wish I had so that I would be able to show the link to other readers.

  4. do u know where is the cheapest in the market for this kenwood mx-271 model? thanks.

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    1. I've just bought one of these but before I took it out of the box thought I should check the reviews - I normally research before I buy and had but on another product so this was a whim buy. Before I take it out of the packaging I wanted to make sure I hadn't bought a lemon (like most I really wanted another expensive model but couldn't justify the cost at the moment). How are you going with yours??

  6. Hye. I'd love to know where is it made from? Is the motor and equipments are from uk but its assembled in china? im from malaysia but right now studying in egypt n here its available at much cheaper price. But ppl are saying things bought in egypt is of very low quality. So im doubting :( And what about the warranty? Is it somewhat by kenwood or from jusco? Would really appreciate yr reply!